’Timely and welcome’ report on women’s empowerment presented at the House Of Commons

’Timely and welcome’ report on women’s empowerment presented at the House Of Commons

The Pathways of Women’s Empowerment research and programme, headed by Sussex Professor Andrea Cornwall, held an event on 17 January 2012 at the House of Commons to celebrate the launch of their findings document Empowerment: A journey not a destination.

The report highlights 12 key points on the subject of empowerment for women and girls, concluding that pathways to women’s empowerment are diverse and highly contextual.

It points to the centrality of both relationships and sexuality to ensuring women’s empowerment, as well as changing attitudes and values which are ‘as important... as changing women’s material circumstances and political opportunities’.

The programme tackles issues which lie at the heart of feminist research and advocacy: women’s work and access to employment and an independent income; women’s sexualities and intimate relationships; and women’s voice and engagement in political institutions and processes.

The report is a combination of the outcomes of more than 50 research projects undertaken over the last five years in Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia and West Africa.

Pathways of Women’s Empowerment is an international programme that was established in 2006 with DFID funding. The programme is directed by Professor Cornwall and is based at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

The House of Commons launch was chaired by Baroness Glynis Kinnock who later declared on Twitter: ‘It was an excellent and well attended event. The research is timely and welcome’.

A lecture on the same subject will be held at Sussex on Thursday (26 January):
  • Time: 17.00 to 18.30
  • Location: Chichester Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex

By: Laura Dingle
Last updated: Tuesday, 24 January 2012

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