Science and art combine for city air pollution festival

A festival devoted to raising awareness of the air we breathe has brought together scientists from the University with local artists.

VENT! , a two week festival taking place in the city, is a programme of free art, events and public forums.

Andy Morse, Professor of Climate Impacts at the University’s School of Environmental Sciences , worked with some of the artists commissioned to produce new cultural products or public art works that engage with the public about air quality.

Long-term exposure

The Liverpool-based artists commissioned by the Festival are Julieann O’Malley, Tristan Brady-Jacobs, Pamela Sullivan, Tomo and Charlotte Weatherstone.

Each new art work is located at sites across the city and is a response to the issue of air pollution, its causes, the impact of long-term exposure to microscopic man-made pollution and the solutions that are in our hands.

Professor Morse said: "It was great to get involved in this Festival and to work with the artists. It is so important to find way to engage with the public on air quality issues in Liverpool.

"Liverpool is not as polluted as either London or Paris, but it remains one of the poorest cities in Europe, and deprivation brings with it a number of health challenges.

"Liverpool has very high rates of lung cancer and coronary heart disease, and air pollution is a known risk factor in both of these illnesses."

The festival is the culmination of the Liverpool Air Project, managed by social enterprise Engage Liverpool CIC.

You can find out about the full programme of activities at the VENT website.