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Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 14:00

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 23.05.2018
£6 million state-of-the-art dairy centre launched at the University of Nottingham
PA 97/18 A new £6m centre that will position the University of Nottingham at the forefront of research into the health, nutrition and welfare of dairy cows has been officially unveiled at its Sutton Bonington campus.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Administration / Government - 22.05.2018
Higher rate of unplanned hospital admissions
Children who live with an adult with a mental health condition or alcohol dependency are significantly more likely to have an unplanned hospital admission, especially for injury and maltreatment, suggests a study by the National Centre for Population Health & Wellbeing Research (NCPHWR).

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 22.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Business / Economics - 22.05.2018
Air pollution in England could cost as much as £5.3 billion by 2035
A new tool developed by researchers at Imperial has calculated the health and social care costs of air pollution for the first time.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 18.05.2018
HIV researchers create Chelsea garden to raise awareness of disease stigma
Scientists and designers have teamed up with young people living with HIV to create a garden at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The garden aims to highlight the successes and challenges still faced by young people living with HIV. We are searching for new ways to try and cure HIV. Dr Sarah Fidler Imperial College London The theme of the garden is HIV: stigma and cure.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Event - 18.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 17.05.2018
Resistance to antifungal drugs could lead to disease and global food shortages
Growing levels of resistance to antifungal treatments could lead to increased disease outbreaks and affect food security around the world. An international team, led by researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Exeter, warns that improvements are needed in how existing drugs are used, as well as an increased focus on the discovery of new treatments, in order to avoid a “global collapse” in our ability to control and fight fungal infections.

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 17.05.2018
How Nagana is carried by tsetse flies
How Nagana is carried by tsetse flies
Researchers at the University of Bristol have revealed new details on how the animal disease Nagana is spread by tsetse flies in Africa. When animals are bitten by bloodsucking tsetse flies, they don't just get a painful bite, as the flies may be carrying a cargo of deadly microbes, trypanosomes. These microbes are squirted into the skin of the animal as the fly feeds and invade the bloodstream, causing the severe and sometimes fatal disease Nagana or African Animal Trypanosomiasis.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 17.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 17.05.2018
Moderate to high intensity exercise does not slow cognitive decline in people with dementia
Moderate to high intensity exercise does not slow cognitive (mental) impairment in older people with dementia, finds a trial led by a University of Warwick researcher.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 17.05.2018
Six months of Herceptin could be as effective as 12 months for some women with HER2 positive breast cancer
University of Warwick expertise contributes to study For women with HER2 positive early-stage breast cancer taking Herceptin for six months could be as effective as 12 months in preventing relapse and death, and can reduce side effects, finds new research. The PERSEPHONE trial , a £2.6 million study which incorporated University of Warwick expertise, recruited more than 4,000 women and compared a six month course of treatment of Herceptin with the current standard of 12 months for women with HER2-positive early-stage breast cancer.

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 16.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 15.05.2018
Improving dental care
Dental experts have drawn up a definitive list of scenarios that patients should never face in a bid to ensure excellent patient care worldwide.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 15.05.2018
Unspoken complication of childbirth
Cardiff University doctors are on a mission to improve diagnosis times and treatment for women in Wales who suffer anal sphincter injuries in childbirth.

Physics / Materials Science - Medicine / Pharmacology - 15.05.2018
UK’s first 1 GHz solid-state NMR Spectrometer funded at Warwick
The UK's first 1 GHz solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer is on its way to the University of Warwick, thanks to £8 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 11.05.2018
Two new MVLS professors appointed Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences
Two professors from the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS) have been appointed Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS).

Medicine / Pharmacology - 11.05.2018
Oral drug treatment helps protect cancer patients from potentially deadly DVT and pulmonary embolism
o Cancer patients are at high risk of developing blood clots o Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) collectively known as venous thromboembolism (VTE), can cause death and disabilit

Medicine / Pharmacology - 11.05.2018
Alcohol and tobacco biggest threat to lifespan of all addictive drugs
Alcohol and tobacco biggest threat to lifespan of all addictive drugs
A new review, co-authored by Professor Robert West (UCL Behavioural Science and Health), has compiled the most up-to-date source of information on the burden of death and disease caused by alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 10.05.2018
Seven Oxford researchers elected Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences
Seven Oxford scientists are amongst 48 of the UK's world-leading researchers elected to join the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences this year.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 10.05.2018
Mass Observation Day aims to raise awareness of M.E. sufferers across the UK
Mass Observation Day aims to raise awareness of M.E. sufferers across the UK
Mass Observation Day aims to raise awareness of M.E. sufferers across the UK The annual call for day diaries by the Mass Observation Archive will take on a special significance this yea

Medicine / Pharmacology - 10.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 09.05.2018
Six UCL scientists elected Fellows of the Royal Society
Six UCL scientists elected Fellows of the Royal Society
Six scientists from the UCL community have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society in recognition of their outstanding contributions to research and innovation that benefit humanity.

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 09.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 09.05.2018
Professor Kathy Triantafilou joins the GSK Immunology Network
Professor Kathy Triantafilou from the School of Medicine is one of five academics worldwide selected to take part in a new collaborative immunology research programme operated by the global healthcare company, GSK: the Immunology Network.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Microtechnics / Electroengineering - 09.05.2018
Can a home WiFi router act as a medical sensing device?
Can a home WiFi router act as a medical sensing device?
New research that could transform the future of healthcare will investigate whether it is possible to reuse WiFi radio waves as a medical radar system.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 09.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 08.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 08.05.2018
Highest number of alcohol and fast food outlets clustered in deprived areas
There are more alcohol, fast food, tobacco and gambling outlets in the most deprived areas of Glasgow compared with more affluent areas, according to new research.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Mathematics - 07.05.2018
Early warning tool for breast cancer prediction in SE Asian women
A researcher at The University of Nottingham Malaysia is collaborating with scientists at Cancer Research Malaysia , Singapore and the United Kingdom to develop a new early warning tool that could help to predict which women in South East Asia are most at risk of developing breast cancer. The work of Dr Weang Kee Ho in the University's Department of Applied Mathematics could help to find out whether it is possible to target expensive mammographic screening at women who are most likely to be affected, enabling doctors to detect the disease in its early stages when it is most treatable.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 04.05.2018
Coventry & Warwickshire people urged to take advantage of blood pressure checks
o High blood pressure is number one contributing risk factor for global death o Cause of strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications o Blood pressure screening on offer in Coventry

Medicine / Pharmacology - Academic Rankings - 04.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 04.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Agronomy / Food Science - 03.05.2018
Improvements needed in end of life care
A study looking at the personal perceptions and experiences of patients, families and healthcare professionals has highlighted the need for improvement in symptom management for end of life care. The analysis by the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre and the School of Healthcare Sciences at Cardiff University has identified several areas of treatment which were often perceived as sub-optimally managed by healthcare professionals, including; pain, breathing difficulties, nutrition, and hydration.

Medicine / Pharmacology - History / Archeology - 03.05.2018
Blood and bodies: the messy meanings of a life-giving substance
Blood and bodies: the messy meanings of a life-giving substance
A collection of essays explores understandings of a vital bodily fluid in the period 1400-1700. Its contributors offer insight into both theory and practice during a period that saw the start of empiricism and an overturning of the folklore that governed early medicine.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 03.05.2018
£1M to study how health-related data collected by people living with HIV can be used to improve clinical outcomes
Recent media reports about the use and exploitation of personal data have increased public awareness of the benefits and drawbacks of the digital age.

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 01.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 01.05.2018
Cancer patients set to benefit from world’s largest surgery study
Improved care for patients undergoing cancer surgery is the focus of a pioneering worldwide study. Doctors say the initiative will enable them to gauge surgery quality across the globe and highlight ways to improve patient care.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 01.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Business / Economics - 01.05.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Computer Science / Telecom - 30.04.2018
Your smartphone could help to speed up cancer research while you sleep
A new research project aims to speed up the delivery of personalised cancer treatments by using smartphones to crunch data while their owners sleep. Researchers at Imperial College London are working with the Vodafone Foundation to recruit people to donate the power of their smartphones and run a simple app, which can help to carry out research overnight.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 30.04.2018
Turning papaya leaf into a cure for dengue fever
A traditional herbal remedy for the dangerous tropical disease ‘dengue fever' could be turned into a pill to treat patients thanks to groundbreaking research by scientists at the University of Nottingham's Malaysia Campus (UNMC).

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 29.04.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Veterinary Science - 28.04.2018
Bristol Vet School at the forefront of combatting antimicrobial resistance
Bristol Vet School at the forefront of combatting antimicrobial resistance
Researchers from the Bristol Veterinary School at the University of Bristol are leading the way with farmers to combat and change antimicrobial (AM) use on farms.
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