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How to save Antarctica (and the rest of Earth too)
Decisions made in the next decade will determine whether Antarctica suffers dramatic changes that contribute to a metre of global sea level rise.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Administration / Government - 13.06.2018
UK public shows strong preference for vaccines that prevent severe illness, particularly for children
UK public shows strong preference for vaccines that prevent severe illness, particularly for children
The UK public has a clear preference for funding vaccination programmes which protect young children against severe diseases, finds a new study that considered the public's preferences on vaccines available on the NHS.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 13.06.2018
Patients to set agenda for heart failure research
Patients to set agenda for heart failure research
People with advanced heart failure, their carers, families and friends are being asked to help set the priorities for future research into the condition.

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Cambridge launches UK's first quantum network
Cambridge launches UK’s first quantum network
The UK's first quantum network was launched today in Cambridge, enabling 'unhackable' communications, made secure by the laws of physics, between three sites around the city.

Environment / Sustainable Development - Careers / Employment - 13.06.2018
British mammals' fight for survival
British mammals’ fight for survival
British mammals' fight for survival Almost one in five of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction, according to the first comprehensive review of their populations for more than 20 years launched today by the Mammal Society and Natural England.

Art and Design - 13.06.2018

Life Sciences - 13.06.2018
Clever bees can identify different flowers by patterns of scent
Clever bees can identify different flowers by patterns of scent
New research led by scientists from the University of Bristol and Queen Mary University of London has revealed that bumblebees can tell flowers apart by patterns of scent. Flowers have lots of different patterns on their surfaces that help to guide bees and other pollinators towards the flower's nectar, speeding up pollination.

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University of Nottingham acquires personal archive of DH Lawrence
The University of Nottingham has acquired a unique archive of treasures linked to Nottingham's most famous literary son, DH Lawrence.

Media - Politics - 12.06.2018
Facebook used less for news as discussion moves towards messaging apps
The use of social media for news has started to fall in a number of key markets after years of continuous growth, according to the seventh annual Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

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Parents gain insights into child healthcare services from simulation
A group of parents from the White City area saw first hand the impact of using and accessing child healthcare services at an Imperial event.

History / Archeology - 11.06.2018
Exhibition tells the story of 17th Century Scottish soldiers
Exhibition tells the story of 17th Century Scottish soldiers
The story of the Seventeenth Century Scottish soldiers , whose remains were discovered in two mass burial sites in Durham City in 2013, is the subject of a major new exhibition at Durham University's Palace Green Library.

Environment / Sustainable Development - 11.06.2018
Volvo Trucks backs new research to turn old diesel engines into green energy storage machines
A pioneering project aims to convert air-polluting diesel engines due for scrap into renewable power storage units that can charge electric bus and lorry fleets.

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Professor Mazzucato's
Professor Mazzucato’s "missions" at the core of new ¤100bn EU proposal
European Commissioner Carlos Moedas has announced an ambitious ¤100bn research and innovation programme for the next EU budgets - with the work of UCL Professor Mariana Mazzucato and her  "mission-oriented" framework a core part of the programme.

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Childhood poverty worse in school holidays
The summer holidays are supposed to be a happy and carefree time for school children but the reality is they are often stressful for children from low income families.

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UK companies need to act now to prepare for the loss of the EU right to freedom of establishment, advises Warwick legal expert
The third paper in a new GLOBE Centre Policy Brief Series is published today. The Future of UK-EU Corporate Mobility explores the risk that, after Brexit, UK companies operating in the EU could cease to be recognised by their host nations.

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Spending more time in education causes myopia (short-sight)
Spending more time in education causes myopia (short-sight)
Myopia, or short-sight, is one of leading causes of visual disability in the world. The global prevalence is rising rapidly and has reached epidemic levels in the developed countries of East and Southeast Asia.

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New book covers the A to Zzzzzz of sleep
o New book examines how sleep - and lack of it - affects our lives o Discusses the effect shift work, short sleeping patterns and technology have on our lives o Explores how sleep affects our health,

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Medicine / Pharmacology - 06.06.2018
Funding boost for Imperial researchers aiming to stop bowel cancer
Imperial researchers have been awarded funding to develop new methods to tackle bowel cancer at an early stage. The funding, from Cancer Research UK, has been awarded to a project which aims to improve the diagnosis of early stage bowel cancer - also referred to as colorectal cancer - by developing realistic simulations for training clinicians.