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History - Jul 20
Hidden history of BBC response to Britain's increasing cultural diversity revealed in new digital history project. The “hidden history” of how the BBC has responded to Britain's increasing cultural diversity and the nation's changing place in the world has been revealed in the latest edition of a commemorative project marking the broadcasters' first 100 years.
Social Sciences - Jul 18
Social Sciences

‘It's not the wars that take me back to those places, it's the people and their culture' Lyse Marie Doucet OBE, the BBC's Chief International Correspondent, will become an honorary Doctor of the University at summer graduation.

Life Sciences - Jul 13
Life Sciences

How Sussex's wild past could help shape it's future. A University of Sussex scientist is hoping the exotic past of Britain's countryside will inspire young people to think bigger and bolder about its future through stunning artwork and a classic playground game.

Business - Jul 12

"Regulatory barriers likely to be contentious and most significant obstacles to UK-US trade" Standards and technical regulations are likely to be the most significant - and potentially contentious - obstacles to a UK-US trade deal, according leading trade experts.

Innovation - Jul 4

100 times faster broadband is coming: 5G passes first test for indoor coverage at University of Sussex.

Innovation - Jul 18

Dancing with computers. Elizabeth Churchill, currently Director of User Experience at Google, first became fascinated by the interaction between humans and computers w hen studying for an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems, at Sussex.

Sport Sciences - Jul 12
Sport Sciences

Frustrated with football's pain fakers' Blame evolution - according to a new Sussex study.

Innovation - Jul 9

Call for Sussex to help create unique library to inspire future generations of scientists 6,000 miles away.

Business - Jul 4

Volte-face: Research advises selling electric vehicles to untapped market of women. More focused marketing of electric cars to women could be more effective in creating the required revolution away from more polluting vehicles than universal government intervention, a new study has said.

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