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Life Sciences - Apr 18
Researchers at the University of Sussex have discovered a new genetic defect which causes a form of intellectual disability; a finding that will improve screening programmes and help to end a ‘diagnostic odyssey' for families across the globe. ‘X-linked syndromal intellectual disability' (XLID) affects around 3% of the global population with underlying genetic mutations being carried and passed on by unaffected females via their X-chromosome (human females possess two copies of the X chromosome, while males only have one).
Innovation - Apr 16

Sussex research helps show how technology behind the V&A's Cast Courts underpins the modern world.

Politics - Apr 15

University of Sussex students and staff are being given the opportunity to quiz local council candidates on the future of Brighton and Hove ahead of elections next month. The University of Sussex and the Politics Society have announced plans to host a debate involving candidates who are standing for election in Brighton and Hove on Thursday May 2.

Business - Apr 12

Countries relying on the world's biggest and most established source of renewable electricity have seen their poverty, corruption and debt levels rise and their economy slow at significantly greate

Business - Apr 11

Staff at the University of Sussex have donated thousands of pounds to local charities after two of their colleagues braved the elements last weekend to help raise awareness about the growing issue of homelessness in Brighton and Hove.

Mathematics - Apr 15

Support for Conservative Party rises with UK house prices, new research reveals. The big increase in housing wealth inequality in the UK over the period from 1995 to 2007 increased homeowners' probability of supporting the Conservative party.

Politics - Apr 12

A University of Sussex academic is leading the fight to better protect journalists around the world in the wake of one of the most deadly years for the profession at a high-level meeting being held this week in Paris.

Health - Apr 11

The majority of men who have sex with men (MSM) would prefer face-to-face HIV testing by a healthcare professional (HCP) out of a range of testing options, a new collaborative study shows.

Music - Apr 4

As part of his widely publicised exhibition exploring the cultural impacts of migration in Paris and London between the 1960s and 80s, a University of Sussex professor has now helped facilitate a new and exclusive performance by the acclaimed music act, Asian Dub Foundation.

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