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Psychology - Feb 14
Academics and local business owners have launched a new research project to ease fear and anxiety around childbirth for parents to be.
Innovation - Feb 12

Entrepreneurs will be helping to find solutions to some of society's biggest problems at this year's Ingenuity19 - the UK's largest innovation competition. Ingenuity is the University of Nottingham's annual innovation competition designed to discover and support a generation of social and commercial innovators in the UK and beyond.

Administration - Feb 6

PA27/19 Zoos and safari parks in the UK are using a special new tool to help them more successfully monitor the wellbeing of elephants in their care, thanks to a study led by The University of Nottingham.

Pharmacology - Feb 4

The University of Nottingham has won new funding for five centres that will train the brightest postgraduate researchers to tackle pressing global challenges, and keep the UK at the cutting edge of scientific research.

Health - Jan 29

New recommendations to help vets give pet owners the best possible consultations on how to keep their animals healthy have been launched by researchers at the University of Nottingham and global pharmaceutical company MSD Animal Health.

Literature - Feb 7

Have you ever wondered why some things taste sweet and other things sour? Or where candle wax goes' Or what would happen if the earth lost its gravity for a day? The Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity provides the chance to find out the answers! Back again this February for the fifth festival, and bigger and better than ever before, events will run across the city from 13-20 February.

Health - Feb 5

A charity ball organised by a group of women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer has raised more than 17,000 - for research at The University of Nottingham - aimed at stopping the devastating disease in its tracks.

Health - Jan 30

Over 60s residents of an East Yorkshire town are being offered the chance to play an important role in the future development of personalised treatments for age-related eye disease.

Careers - Jan 29

The University of Nottingham will cease making unconditional offers to all applicants from this September, unless they already hold their qualifications. The University took the decision in December to end its High Achievers scheme, introduced in 2014 to secure and support the most talented students.

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