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Pharmacology - Apr 25
Medical researchers at the University of Nottingham and NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre are part of a major new international research project to improve the safety and regulation in the development of drugs. The team of experts in drug-induced liver injury will be members of the Translational Safety Biomarker Pipeline (TransBioLine) - a pioneering project which will generate data to support the development of novel safety biomarkers for five target organ systems (kidney, liver, pancreas, vascular and central nervous system) for use in drug development.
Innovation - Apr 18

A project to create new technologies to improve the energy efficiency of buildings is underway after a group of researchers from the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University and University of Exeter was awarded a £1.65 million grant from the EPSRC.

Life Sciences - Apr 17

A University of Nottingham microbiologist who has pioneered research into a species of friendly bacteria that can kill pathogenic superbugs has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

Health - Apr 15

Smokers in Nottingham are being given the chance to take part in world-leading research into an incurable lung disease. 1 Figures from the British Lung Foundation reveal that people in Nottingham are 42% more likely to die from this serious condition than the England, Scotland and Wales average.

Health - Apr 11

An investigation into how authorised firearms police officers (AFOs) make decisions in high stress situations is being carried out by researchers from the University of Nottingham and Aston University in partnership with Durham Constabulary and Cleveland Police.

Health - Apr 18

A blood test to detect diseases that affect dairy cattle developed by researchers at the University of Nottingham has received the Royal Dairy Innovation award.

Pharmacology - Apr 15

Experts have warned a more tailored approach is needed to the prescribing of statins, following a new study suggesting they are ineffective at lowering cholesterol to target levels in more than half of patients.

Computer Science - Apr 12

One hundred women across the north and midlands will have the chance to retrain in the technology sector thanks to a new programme that brings together universities and the tech industry. Currently, women make up only 17% of the technology sector workforce, significantly lower than most other UK sectors.

Religions - Apr 8

Drivers using a pioneering app to gather information on modern slavery in hand car washes made more than 900 reports of potential cases over a five-month period, according to research published today.

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