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Health - Dec 13
A new video is encouraging hospital staff to get involved with research to enrich their careers and help improve patient care. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in partnership with Imperial College London aims to expand research opportunities for all healthcare professionals at the Trust, especially nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.
Health - Dec 13

A simple compound found in our gut could help to stop dangerous bacteria behind severe, and sometimes fatal, hospital infections.

Health - Dec 12

A $14.5m grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will help an Imperial group improve and expand healthcare access in developing countries.

Business - Dec 11

Electricity market regulation must be redesigned to offer the best value for consumers, according to a new report published today.

Mathematics - Dec 10

The wonders of the mathematical universe were on show at the latest Imperial Latest public evening event.

Life Sciences - Dec 13
Life Sciences

Nobel laureate Sir Paul Nurse delivered Imperial's Hammersmith and White City Distinguished Lecture this week.

Health - Dec 11

The well-known drug tamoxifen could exploit a weakness in the physical 'scaffolds' around tumours, according to research led by Imperial.

Physics - Dec 10

How atoms arrange themselves at the smallest scale was thought to follow a 'drum-skin' rule, but mathematicians have now found a simpler solution.

Health - Dec 10

Experts in a partnership led by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have enrolled more than 3,000 people for genome sequencing.

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