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Astronomy Sep 20
The Herschel Space Observatory's discoveries are celebrated this week by the European Space Agency and collaborating institutes, including Imperial. Herschel was launched in 2009 and operated for four years, peering at distant galaxies for clues as to how they form stars and key molecules such as water.
Agronomy Sep 20

Keeping the growing global population healthy means not only boosting food production, but balancing our nutritional needs in line with our health.

Architecture Sep 19

Professor Peter Childs from the Dyson School of Design Engineering discusses air quality in aircraft cabins in his Q&A.

Chemistry Sep 19

Researchers have designed a system that rapidly recognises the specific biological molecules that can indicate disease.

Medicine Sep 18

Imperial College London has been awarded funding to establish a centre of excellence in medical technology.

Medicine Sep 19

Researchers investigating quantum chaos, medical imaging, new materials and stubborn infections have received ERC Starting Grants.

Physics Sep 19

The past, present and future of optics at Imperial has been highlighted to commemorate 100 years of College research and innovation in the field.

Medicine Sep 18

A study of 23 EU countries found that larger price differences between high and low priced cigarettes are associated with higher infant mortality.

Agronomy Sep 18

Researchers from Imperial College London will be asking visitors to London's Borough Market to discover what food design thinking is.

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