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Health - Feb 15
Researchers have created new machine learning software that can forecast the survival rates and response to treatments of patients with ovarian cancer. The artificial intelligence software, created by researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Melbourne , has been able to predict the prognosis of patients with ovarian cancer more accurately than current methods.
Life Sciences - Feb 15
Life Sciences

Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From an important step towards malaria elimination, to experimenting with light to help us hear better, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Physics - Feb 12

A new study has found that larger groups could be better than small groups at physical tasks when they are connected by touch. Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology , Imperial College London, and the University of Tokyo have tested coordination in groups of two, three and four humans when they communicated by touch - known as haptic communication.

Event - Feb 8

By Andrew Youngson , Ryan O'Hare , Tom Rutland , Hayley Dunning , Murray MacKay , Ms Helen Johnson , George Hope , Stephen Johns Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial.

Health - Feb 5

Women may not need to undergo surgery for non-cancerous ovarian cysts, avoiding potential surgical complications.

Health - Feb 14

Dr Richard Jabbour's mission is to fix broken hearts. But he doesn't dispense relationship advice or provide a shoulder to cry on - as no doubt many others will be doing this Valentine's Day.

Health - Feb 11

A research facility that aims to improve the quality of life, treatment and care for children with complex diseases formally opened this month.

Health - Feb 6

Prostate Cancer UK has awarded researchers over £1.3 million for three projects that could lead to new treatments for the disease.

Environment - Feb 5

Remote recording devices have been used for the first time to track the reintroduction of a rare species back into its native habitat. The New Zealand hihi bird is classed as locally extinct across much of its natural habitat, but conservation efforts have reintroduced populations of the bird back into these areas.

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