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Health - Nov 21
Mannose sugar, a nutritional supplement, can both slow tumour growth and enhance the effects of chemotherapy in mice with multiple types of cancer. This lab study is a step towards understanding how mannose could be used to help treat cancer. The results of the study today (Wednesday). Tumours use more glucose than normal, healthy tissues.
Life Sciences - Nov 20

Pears Foundation has donated 5 million to the University of Glasgow for the construction of a new building to house its Institute of Health and Wellbeing.

Computer Science - Nov 19

With lowest cost green energy considered the future, understanding how to ‘repower' existing onshore wind farms supports the Scottish government and industry desire to generate affordable wind power in the future.

Earth Sciences - Nov 16

Understanding Animal Research, an organisation promoting greater openness about animal research, has today released a list of the ten universities in the UK that conduct the highest number of animal procedures - those used in medical, veterinary and scientific research.

Event - Nov 15

The universities of Glasgow and Sydney have signed an agreement to collaborate more closely in research, teaching and other agreed activities.

Life Sciences - Nov 20

People living in deprived areas are more vulnerable to the effects of unhealthy lifestyles, including previously unrecognised risk factors such as short or long sleep duration and long TV viewing time.

Life Sciences - Nov 19

Dr Katie Robb, a researcher focused on improving the earlier diagnosis of cancer and reducing inequalities for cancer patients, has won the prestigious 2018 Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize.

Literature - Nov 16

The University of Glasgow has created its own brand of knitting yarn made with wool from sheep reared on its own farm, it was announced today (Friday 16 November 2018) Cochno Wool is a luxurious wool

Architecture - Nov 15

‌A series of drawings by a Scottish artist showing powerful glimpses of death and dying will have their first public exhibition in Scotland.

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