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Health - May 23
Researchers at Cardiff and Swansea Universities are running a new trial to investigate whether a medicine currently used for the skin condition psoriasis could also be used to help people with type 1 diabetes produce some of their own insulin.
Innovation - May 23

Welsh businesses will benefit from the launch of a new data science innovation hub to drive cutting edge methods into new products and services. The Data Innovation Accelerator (DIA) will respond to demand from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who have ambitions to integrate AI into the heart of their business but lack data science expertise to help them grow.

Administration - May 22

A leading Cardiff University academic is to join the AI Council - an independent expert committee helping to supercharge the UK's artificial intelligence sector. Pete Burnap, Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity, will work with a group of around 20 experts from industry, academia and data rights organisations.

Social Sciences - May 20
Social Sciences

Cardiff University is seeking an exceptional academic lead for SPARK - the world's first social science research park.

Innovation - May 16

A ‘green power' system that uses ammonia to store and release zero-carbon energy has won an award for innovation.

Health - May 22

Schools and society as a whole have a role to play in helping young people tackle numerous challenges around their health and wellbeing, researchers say. The School Health Research Network is led by Professor Simon Murphy at Cardiff University and is the largest network of its type in the world.

Chemistry - May 20

The chemical composition of the Earth's mantle is a lot more variable and diverse than previously thought, a new study has revealed. According to a new analysis of cores drilled through the ocean crust, the mantle is made up of distinct sections of rock each with different chemical make-ups.

Innovation - May 16

Cardiff University's 21st Innovation and Impact (I&I) Awards will celebrate the power of four winning partnerships this June. The projects have been chosen two weeks ahead of a gala awards evening, giving members of the public a fortnight to choose their favourite and vote for the ‘People's Choice.' The winning competitor will receive an iPad Mini.

Health - May 16

A system that helps medical professionals spot the signs of autism in children has won an award for innovation. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a life-long neurodevelopmental condition usually diagnosed in early childhood.

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