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Social Sciences - Mar 21
Cardiff University is leading the way in Europe by creating a Social Science Park (Spark) that brings benefits to wider society. International experts say university investment in bespoke social science facilities can create processes and services that impact on everyday life.
Innovation - Mar 21

The company building Cardiff University's new Innovation Campus will open the site gates to the public tomorrow and Saturday (22-23 March). Bouygues UK is joining the UK-wide event, where construction sites open to members of the public and schools for pre-booked tours with a focus on construction careers.

Computer Science - Mar 20

Humans are unknowingly adhering to a universal pattern when they flick between apps on their smartphones, scientists have discovered. Experts from Cardiff University have shown that although we spend a varying amount of time glued to our screens, the way in which we specifically switch between our different apps is remarkably similar.

Social Sciences - Mar 19

A toolkit to help children explore issues around positive relationships has been launched today. Professor Emma Renold, of Cardiff University, has developed Primary AGENDA, a free resource for teachers and educational practitioners.

Life Sciences - Mar 14

A Cardiff University archaeologist has revealed new insights into the origins of the crew on board the Mary Rose, the flagship of Henry VIII's navy. The scientific findings of Dr Richard Madgwick, Lecturer in Archaeological Science, suggest that crew members on the Tudor warship, which sank in 1545, may have come from as far away as southern Europe and perhaps even Africa.

Environment - Mar 21

Cardiff University has been selected as the main hub for a 5 million research centre to explore how we can live differently to achieve the rapid and far-reaching emissions cuts required to address climate change.

Environment - Mar 20

Residents in Cardiff's Grangetown district are being invited to find out about courses and careers offered by Cardiff University. The University is hosting its annual Careers and Role Model Week as part of its thriving Community Gateway project.

Event - Mar 18

A Cardiff community is appealing for support to realise its dream of creating a new 1.6m community centre for residents. Much of the funding has been secured to build a fantastic new facility on the site of a former bowls pavilion in Grangetown.

History - Mar 13

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of the earliest large-scale celebrations in Britain - with people and animals travelling hundreds of miles for prehistoric feasting rituals.

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