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Health - Jul 23
Ten senior doctors are championing a new model for illness prevention in NHS hospitals. The specialists are using their expert knowledge to embed prevention in the care delivered by Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.
Health - Jul 22

Cardiff University will explore Welsh culture past and present at the 2019 National Eisteddfod in Conwy county. Events will examine Welsh language, poetry, heritage, identity and much else, at the University tent on the Maes.

Health - Jul 15

An artificial intelligence (AI) based ultrasound software and simulation company that began life as a Cardiff University spinout expects turnover to grow by 25% in the six months to 30 June 2019. Intelligent Ultrasound Group (IUG) plc (AIM: MED) says growth, currently generated entirely by the Group's Simulation Division, will rise to approximately 3.1m (H1 2018: 2.5m).

Physics - Jul 8

Researchers have developed world-leading Compound Semiconductor (CS) technology that can drive future high-speed data communications.

Astronomy - Jul 5

More than 250 students from schools across south-east Wales planned a mission to Mars as part of a major two-day University STEM outreach event. STEMLive featured Year 8 students from 14 schools in a wide range of hands-on activities led by researchers from the University and hosts National Museum Wales.

Health - Jul 18

An omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid has the potential to help fight heart disease, finds a new study by researchers at Cardiff University in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Pharmacology - Jul 11

A simple finger-prick blood test could help prevent unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics for people with the lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a new study by researchers from Cardiff University, University of Oxford and King's College London.

Environment - Jul 8

The chemistry of drip waters that form stalagmites and stalactites in caves around the world have given researchers an insight into our past climate.

Environment - Jul 3

A leading Cardiff University academic, Professor Steve Ormerod, has been appointed Deputy Chairman of Natural Resources Wales - a Welsh government sponsored body tasked with ensuring that Wales' natural resources are used and managed in a sustainable way.

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