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- Jun 18
This illustration depicts a three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated image of a
We are proud of the role we play in European science and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with colleagues across the continent - Sadaf Farooqi Sign up to receive our weekly research email - Our selection of the week's biggest research news and features direct to your inbox from the University of Cambridge.
Health - Jun 18

Teachers want to help badly but space to discuss how to respond and to form a process is being pushed out - Colleen McLaughlin - Children from disadvantaged backgrounds and certain ethnic minorities do less vigorous physical activity.

Pedagogy - Jun 11

Our study suggests that when parents have a lenient attitude towards their children drinking alcohol, this can lead to their child drinking more frequently - and drinking too much - Mariliis Tael-O

Pharmacology - Jun 11

Artery hardening happens to everyone as they age...but up until now we haven't known what controls this process and therefore how to treat it - Melinda Duer New approach to drug disco

Life Sciences - Jun 5
Life Sciences

This individual is the missing link of Native American ancestry - Eske Willerslev - Sign up to receive our weekly research email.

- Jun 14
Burial team in Guinea carry a victim of Ebola, 2015. Credit: UN Photo/Martine Pe

We rarely find Ebola outbreaks while they are still easy to manage - Emma Glennon - Sign up to receive our weekly research email.

- Jun 11
Close up of production facility Credit: Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

If the way manufacturing-related activities are counted does not change, the UK could be missing significant opportunities to build world-leading industries - Jostein Hauge Sign up to receive our w

Environment - Jun 10

Climate has dictated where these groups of animals were in the past, and where they are now - Daniel Field - Sign up to receive our weekly research email.

Astronomy - May 29

This is a very rare planet, and it's the first time that such a small planet has been detected by a wide-field ground-based telescope - Ed Gillen - Mystery orbits in outermost reaches of solar system not caused by 'Planet Nine', say researchers.

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