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Administration - Jul 21
Margaret Thatcher's infamous Bruges speech - which helped to coin the phrase 'Euroscepticism' - was never intended to be an anti-European diatribe, according to newly-released archive material by the Churchill Archives Centre and the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.
History - Jul 19

Six academics from the University of Cambridge have been made Fellows of the prestigious British Academy for the humanities and social sciences.

Media - Jul 13

Cambridge University Press has revealed the results of its global study into the language used around the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Philosophy - Jul 12

A unique three-year project to bridge the divide between science and philosophy - which embedded early-career philosophers into some of Cambridge's ground-breaking scientific research clusters - is the subject of a new film released today.

Careers - Jul 12

Researchers have built the single largest dataset of employment laws - spanning more than 100 countries across much of post-war history - to look at how worker rights affect economies over decades.   

Social Sciences - Jul 16
Social Sciences

One in three adults is affected by loneliness. It's time for us to take a risk and let others into our lives, says Olivia Remes, PhD candidate at the Cambridge Institute of Public Health, writing for The Conversation .

Mathematics - Jul 13

Earlier this year a team of 78 women from around the world took part in a three-week expedition to Antarctica, a trip that marked the culmination of the year-long Homeward Bound leadership programme for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM).

Medicine - Jul 12

The sex of a baby controls the level of small molecules known as metabolites in the pregnant mother's blood, which may explain why risks of some diseases in pregnancy vary depending whether the mother is carrying a boy or a girl, according to new research from the University of Cambridge.

Environment - Jul 10

The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme represents a multi-million-pound commitment from the private sector to accelerate progress on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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