Podcast: Entrepreneurship special

In this edition: We mark Imperial Enterprise Month with women entrepreneurs and leaders, plus advice for making businesses playful.

OR listen to individual chapters:

News: Alternatives to statins and dinosaur demise - We discover a new class of drugs that could lower cholesterol in people unable to take statins, and find out that the dinosaurs were thriving before the deadly asteroid strike.

Agents for Change - Can six months of leadership training for women make a difference in the local community? We meet one participant of the Agents for Change programme based in our White City campus and hear how it has transformed her life.

Better bone casts - We speak to Suchaya Mahuttanatan, the winner of this year’s WE Innovate programme for women entrepreneurs, who was inspired by her Dad breaking his arm when she was young. She created a new type of cast that is breathable, washable and easy to apply - making breaking bones less of a burden.

The Playful Entrepreneur - Play is an essential way we learn about the world around us, but how can it be harnessed for entrepreneurship? In a new book , Imperial VP Innovation David Gann explores how noble behaviours - ambition, fortitude, craft and grace - can help businesses thrive through playfulness.

The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial’s MSc Science Communication course and the presenter of Click Radio on the BBC World Service, with contributions from our roving reporters in the Research Communications group.

You can also catch the podcast on iTunes , Spotify , Stitcher , Soundcloud , Entale - and basically anywhere you listen to your podcasts! Photos and graphics subject to third party copyright used with permission or Imperial College London.

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