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Social Sciences - Mathematics - 08.06.2019

Social Sciences - Health - 09.05.2019

Social Sciences - 12.04.2019
Serious violence figures for 2018
Despite the recent spate of knife violence and homicide in some UK cities, the number of people injured in serious violence in England and Wales dropped by 1.7% between 2017 and 2018, according to a report published by Cardiff University.

Health - Social Sciences - 10.04.2019
Researchers outline how Europe’s largest patient data record can improve care
A new system for sharing health information has the potential to change how healthcare and services are delivered to patients, say experts.

Social Sciences - Innovation / Technology - 21.03.2019
SPARK shows way for European social science parks
Cardiff University is leading the way in Europe by creating a Social Science Park (Spark) that brings benefits to wider society.

Social Sciences - 19.03.2019

Health - Social Sciences - 07.03.2019
Wide ranging reforms needed to how authorities approach FGM safeguarding
Wide ranging reforms needed to how authorities approach FGM safeguarding
Mothers, fathers and young Somali adults have expressed a pervasive sense of disempowerment, traumatisation and victimisation at the hands of statutory services, feeding into a new report that urges authorities to change their approach.

Law / Forensics - Social Sciences - 07.03.2019

Social Sciences - Administration - 31.01.2019
UofG social scientists awarded 1.15m over four years
The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) ihas announced 27m of funding for Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) at research organisations across the UK.

Social Sciences - 25.01.2019

Social Sciences - 25.01.2019
CASCADE to work with local authorities in England to reduce need for children to enter care
Cardiff University academics will be working with six local authorities on projects aimed at reducing the need for children to enter care.

Social Sciences - 22.01.2019
University to play key role in 20m global research hub
The University of Glasgow is set to play a key role in a 20 million global research hub - funded through UKRI's Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and announced by UK Research and Innovation (UKR

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 11.01.2019

Social Sciences - 29.11.2018
Why violence against older people needs more attention
Colleges & Student Experience Research & Collaboration One in four killings by a loved one involves a victim over the age of 60, says new research.

Administration - Social Sciences - 28.11.2018

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 28.11.2018
'Murder map' reveals medieval London's meanest streets
’Murder map’ reveals medieval London’s meanest streets
First digital map of the murders recorded by the city's Coroner in early 1300s shows Cheapside and Cornhill were homicide 'hot spots', and Sundays held the highest risk of violent death for medieval Londoners.

Social Sciences - 23.11.2018
Just like us, giraffes prefer to dine with friends
When it comes to meal times in the animal kingdom, giraffes have been found to be just like us and prefer the company of their friends, according to new research by the University of Bristol.

Social Sciences - 13.11.2018
Self-harm and violence rates in Young Offender Institutions
Figures published today by Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre reveal the true extent of self-harm and violence at Young Offender Institutions (YOIs) in England and Wales.

Social Sciences - 09.11.2018
UK and Colombian researchers working together for sustainable peace
UK and Colombian researchers working together for sustainable peace
Ten new research projects announced by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will address issues facing Colombia's transition from conflict to peace. This includes a project led by academics from the University of Bristol to support community members in some of Colombia's most marginalised municipalities to produce creative pieces of memory work.

Social Sciences - 06.11.2018
Chimpanzees can sniff out strangers
Colleges & Student Experience Research & Collaboration Chimpanzees' sense of smell is more sophisticated than we thought with a new study showing that our closest relatives use their noses to smell danger. The study shows that chimpanzees can smell who is a stranger and who is part of their family. It was previously thought that they relied more heavily on their eyes than on their noses.

Social Sciences - Career - 05.11.2018
Research helps Pakistani husbands adapt to UK life
New research has uncovered the distinctive challenges faced by some Pakistani men migrating to join their wives in the UK.

Social Sciences - Health - 31.10.2018

Administration - Social Sciences - 15.10.2018

Social Sciences - 08.10.2018
Theatre and attitudes: Using performance to address social inequality
Theatre is being used to provoke discussions on inequality and exclusion in a project run in collaboration between Dr Nigel Eltringham, Reader in Anthropology at the University of Sussex, and Dr Shan

Social Sciences - 05.10.2018

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 02.10.2018
ESRC announce successful awards for Transformative Research Call
The University of Glasgow is among 13 new projects to share 2.6 million of funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) announced today. Funded under the Transformative Research Call, these projects will run for up to 24 months from September 2018.

Politics - Social Sciences - 02.10.2018
Liberals see elite-educated politicians as more competent, while conservatives see them as less relatable
A small number of elite universities serve as the prime breeding grounds for American power brokers.

Social Sciences - Religions - 01.10.2018

Innovation / Technology - Social Sciences - 20.09.2018

Art and Design - Social Sciences - 07.09.2018
Bringing art and science together in exhibition of surrealist works
Bringing art and science together in exhibition of surrealist works
An exhibition soon to open in Bexhill-on-Sea, will be the first major presentation in twenty years of the works of two collaborative artists, Grace Pailthorpe (1883-1971) and Reuben Mednikoff (1906-1972), who brought artistic and scientific thinking together.

Health - Social Sciences - 06.09.2018
UK Research and Innovation launches new Mental Health Networks, including UofG-led TRIUMPH Network
Eight new Mental Health Networks have been announced by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to bring researchers, charities and other organisations together to address important mental health research questions. The new Networks will embrace a collaborative ethos, bringing together researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including health, medicine, biology, social sciences, humanities and environmental sciences.

Social Sciences - 06.09.2018
’Anarchist Prince’ to be commemorated with blue plaque
A blue plaque commemorating a Russian Prince and revolutionary anarchist is to be unveiled in Kemp Town after a successful campaign by a team from the University of Sussex.
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