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Music - 08.11.2018
Audience take their MOMENT to conduct live musicians...with their minds!
The MOMENT is a unique brain controlled film where the plot is determined by the viewer, and now for the first time the music from the film will also be conducted live via the thoughts of two members of the audience.

Music - Life Sciences - 07.11.2018
Moths survive bat predation through acoustic camouflage fur
Moths survive bat predation through acoustic camouflage fur
Moths are a mainstay food source for bats, which use echolocation (biological sonar) to hunt their prey. Scientists from the University of Bristol are studying how moths have evolved passive defences over millions of years to resist their primary predators. While some moths have evolved ears that detect the ultrasonic calls of bats, many types of moths remain deaf.

Music - Physics - 17.10.2018
’How can we estimate the mass of the atmosphere?’ Oxford interview questions explained
The University of Oxford is today releasing a set of sample interview questions from tutors who conduct Oxford interviews.

Music - 21.09.2018
Heavy metal music is inclusive and governed by rules of etiquette
Forget wild and chaotic behaviour, heavy metal music culture is inclusive and governed by etiquette and codes of conduct, according to new UCL research.