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Health - 11.04.2019
Face-to-face HIV testing preferred option by men who have sex with men
Face-to-face HIV testing preferred option by men who have sex with men
The majority of men who have sex with men (MSM) would prefer face-to-face HIV testing by a healthcare professional (HCP) out of a range of testing options, a new collaborative study shows.

Health - Social Sciences - 10.04.2019
Researchers outline how Europe’s largest patient data record can improve care
A new system for sharing health information has the potential to change how healthcare and services are delivered to patients, say experts.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 09.04.2019
1.1 million project to develop new biodegradable stents
1.1 million project to develop new biodegradable stents
A 1.1 million project to develop biodegradable stents for patients with severe vascular disease, which affects around one million people in the UK, has started thanks to Innovate UK funding.

Health - 05.04.2019
Thousands of Londoners hospitalised in three years due to harmful air pollution
Poor air quality in the capital leads to around 1,000 London hospital admissions for asthma and serious lung conditions every year, according to a new The research, from King's College London and Imp

Health - Pharmacology - 05.04.2019
Brexit threat to Sam's legacy in EU children's brain tumour research
A leading expert in childhood cancer is warning that life-saving changes to European clinical trials regulations that were inspired by the story of a young brain tumour patient of his, won't benefit children in the UK after Brexit.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 04.04.2019
Health claims on packaging for many foods marketed to UK kids are "confusing’"
The health claims made on the product packaging for a large proportion of foods marketed to children in the UK are "confusing" and could be contributing to rising rates of childhood obesity, suggests research published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood .

Health - 01.04.2019
NHS launches digital tool to protect children’s health
A world-leading system which will provide a "major boost" to children's health and safety was launched today [Monday 1 April].

Business / Economics - Health - 01.04.2019

Health - 29.03.2019
Saving coffee using space technology
We drink two billion cups of coffee every day - 95 million cups in the UK alone. But did you know that your latte or mocha is under threat from a devastating fungal disease called coffee leaf rust?

Health - 28.03.2019
Improved housing in Africa could prevent disease
Improved housing in Africa could prevent disease
Housing in sub-Saharan Africa has dramatically improved and could help in the fight against diseases such as malaria.

Health - 25.03.2019
Microneedle technology gets green light
Microneedle technology gets green light
Innovators at Cardiff Medicentre have pioneered microneedle technology that could end certain types of injections. Picofluidics Ltd - based at Cardiff University's medtech incubator - has completed rigorous proof of concept tests. Working with scientists from Coventry University and backed by funding from Innovate UK, Picofluidics is preparing to go to market.

Innovation / Technology - Health - 21.03.2019
Boost for University plans for major innovation investment in Govan
The University of Glasgow's plans for an expansion of innovation activities in Govan received a significant boost today (Thursday, 21 March) with two projects through to the final stage of a major UK-wide funding stream.

Health - Pharmacology - 20.03.2019
Ground breaking pancreatic cancer trial reaches patient milestone
A ground breaking pancreatic cancer trial, which aims to match patients with more targeted and effective treatment for their tumours, has successfully recruited its 100th patient.

Health - 19.03.2019
Funding secured for fourth wave of the internationally-renowned NATSAL study
The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles begins its fourth study on sexual health and well-being in Britain, led by researchers from UCL in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the University of Glasgow and NatCen Social Research. The National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) are regarded as the world's largest, most detailed studies of sexual behaviour.

Health - 18.03.2019
Researcher urges food industry to reduce salt in food
The food industry must do more to lower the amount of salt in their products in order to tackle high blood pressure, says an Imperial expert.

Health - Pharmacology - 15.03.2019
Researchers offered 'quick and easy' grants to get medical innovations started
Researchers offered ’quick and easy’ grants to get medical innovations started
A scheme is offering grants to help researchers test ideas for translating their research into new drugs, diagnostics or medical devices.

Health - Mathematics - 15.03.2019
Biological blockbusters and viral bloodletting: News from the College
Biological blockbusters and viral bloodletting: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From the first footage of lung cells forming, to a study of the viral impacts of self-flagellation, here is some quick-read news from across the College. Biological blockbuster A new method for imaging slices of lung tissue may have scientists reaching for the popcorn.

Health - Pharmacology - 12.03.2019
Evidence-based web tool aims to better inform and refine need for treatment in early prostate cancer
A new tool to predict an individual's prognosis following a prostate cancer diagnosis could help prevent unnecessary treatment and related side effects, say researchers at the University of Cambridge. We believe this tool could significantly reduce the number of unnecessary - and potentially harmful - treatments that patients receive and save the NHS millions every year Vincent Gnanapragasam The tool, PREDICT Prostate, launches today to coincide with publication in the journal PLOS Medicine of the research that underpins it.

Health - Career - 08.03.2019

Health - Innovation / Technology - 08.03.2019
Report outlines ’transformative’ power of Precision Medicine industry for Scotland’s people and economy
The UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has today, at 9am, released its Science and Innovation Audit report on Precision Medicine in Scotland.

Health - Social Sciences - 07.03.2019
Wide ranging reforms needed to how authorities approach FGM safeguarding
Wide ranging reforms needed to how authorities approach FGM safeguarding
Mothers, fathers and young Somali adults have expressed a pervasive sense of disempowerment, traumatisation and victimisation at the hands of statutory services, feeding into a new report that urges authorities to change their approach.

Health - Career - 06.03.2019
NHS staff graduate from programme that supports them to take up research
NHS staff graduate from programme that supports them to take up research
Healthcare staff from three NHS hospital trusts have completed an Imperial programme that aims to support them into research, this month.

Health - Career - 05.03.2019

Life Sciences - Health - 01.03.2019

Health - 01.03.2019
"Our roots in the region run deep" : launch of Spotlight on East of England
As we begin a month-long focus on research and outreach activities carried out by Cambridge University across the East of England, our Vice-Chancellor talks about the importance of telling these stories.

Health - Pharmacology - 28.02.2019
Oxford-Harrington Rare Disease Centre to research rare diseases therapies
The University of Oxford and Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals have announced a new affiliation to advance therapies for rare diseases.

Innovation / Technology - Health - 27.02.2019

Health - Business / Economics - 27.02.2019
Brexit will cause significant harm to the NHS, finds new academic report
All forms of Brexit will negatively impact the UK National Health Service (NHS), but the prospect of a no-deal Brexit presents by far the worst scenario, with negative effects on the health care work

Health - 26.02.2019
Smart sensor wound care on horizon that may reduce diabetic amputations
University of Nottingham researchers have secured a major grant to develop a smart wound dressing embedded with optical fibre sensors to assess whether affected tissue is healing well or is infected.

Health - 25.02.2019
New clinical trial aims to find the best way to feed premature babies
A large clinical trial involving around 40 hospitals in the UK is to investigate the best way to feed babies who are born between 10 and 7 weeks prematurely.

Computer Science / Telecom - Health - 21.02.2019
Imperial to train more leaders in artificial intelligence thanks to UKRI funding
Imperial to train more leaders in artificial intelligence thanks to UKRI funding
The UKRI will contribute 7.1 million to the project, which will be combined with funding from industry partners and Imperial to create a Centre worth 20 million.

Health - Life Sciences - 21.02.2019
Team to study concussion in international motorsport
Team to study concussion in international motorsport
Cambridge researchers are to take part in a study to examine the impact of concussion in motorsports, with the aim of reducing traumatic brain injury and helping drivers recover.

Health - 20.02.2019
Improving pancreatic cancer survival rates
Over 370,000 has been awarded to Dr Catherine Hogan at the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute to help find new targets for early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Health - 19.02.2019
NHS middle managers ‘improve efficiency’ according to new research
Contrary to popular belief, having more NHS managers improves efficiency and the quality of healthcare provided in hospitals.

Health - 18.02.2019
More needs to be done to raise awareness of lung cancer risk in people with COPD
People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) need more support when understanding and acting on new chest symptoms, a study in the journal Psycho-Oncology reports. ‌‌‌ During this unique study, led by the University of Glasgow and University of Surrey, researchers investigated how the experience of COPD, influences how individuals understand new or changing chest symptoms and their decision to seek help from medical professionals.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 18.02.2019

Health - 14.02.2019
Immunological scarring from coeliac disease
Immune cells in the bowel of people who suffer with coeliac disease are permanently replaced by a new subset of cells that promote inflammation, suggests a new study involving researchers at Cardiff University.

Health - 14.02.2019
How to mend broken hearts
How to mend broken hearts
Dr Richard Jabbour's mission is to fix broken hearts. But he doesn't dispense relationship advice or provide a shoulder to cry on - as no doubt many others will be doing this Valentine's Day.