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Health - Pharmacology - 13.11.2018
Six things doctors would like you to know about antibiotics
Every day healthcare workers around the world are waging war, in what is becoming the fight of our lives.

Health - Pharmacology - 12.11.2018
Annual amnesty to tackle antibiotic resistance
Staff and students at Imperial are being encouraged to hand over their unused antibiotics as part of an annual amnesty.

Health - 12.11.2018
Ultrasonic surgery project wins £6m in funding
A research project aiming to find new ways to use ultrasonic tools for complex, robot-assisted surgery has received more than £6m in funding. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has granted £6.1m for the University of Glasgow to lead a project called ‘Surgery enabled by ultrasonics'.

Life Sciences - Health - 12.11.2018

Life Sciences - Health - 12.11.2018
Collaboration could help unlock secrets of key compound in memory and addiction
A team led by researchers at Imperial is leading an international effort to uncover the role of one of the brain's key chemical messengers in detail. Dopamine carries signals between nerve cells throughout the brain and plays important roles in everything from learning, memory and attention, to motivation and reward.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 12.11.2018
’Transformation’ of medical education as major global conference launches
Experts from 15 countries gathered in Singapore to see how Imperial and its partners are driving a high-tech leap forward in medical education.

Health - 09.11.2018
Major investment to fund Fragile X Research
The Medicines Discovery Institute has received a grant of almost £2 million from the Medical Research Council to improve therapies for the most common inherited cause of learning disabilities.

Business / Economics - Health - 09.11.2018
Green racing and inspirational AI: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a showcase for Imperial's latest zero-emission racecar, to new insights into how AI can inspire doctors, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Health - Pharmacology - 08.11.2018
£438 million investment for UCL gene therapy spinouts
£438 million investment for UCL gene therapy spinouts
Prospective students Current students UCL spinout Orchard Therapeutics, a biotechnology company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with rare disorders through innovative gene therapies, has raised $225 million (£173 million) through its initial public offering.

Health - 08.11.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 07.11.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 06.11.2018
£15m new Artificial Intelligence centre for Scotland to innovate and transform healthcare
Scotland is to have its own £15.8m artificial intelligence health research centre, which promises to enable better patient diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

Business / Economics - Health - 05.11.2018
How to feed the world’s population sustainably
Prof Sir Gordon Conway recounts highlights of an extraordinary career dedicated to finding solutions to feeding the world's population sustainably.

Health - Pharmacology - 05.11.2018
Research will help to reduce limbo for cancer patients in the UK
A simple test to improve treatment for breast cancer patients invented by scientists in Nottingham could soon benefit people across the UK, as part of a £14 million national initiative.

Health - Life Sciences - 02.11.2018

Health - 01.11.2018
More action needed to prevent maternal deaths across the UK
There has been an increase in the number of women dying during pregnancy or in the six weeks after the end of pregnancy in the UK, according to a new report produced by researchers from the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford.

Health - 01.11.2018

Health - Psychology - 01.11.2018
Spotlight on children
Spotlight on children
Today we launch our new ' Spotlight on children ', a focus on research taking place at the University of Cambridge relating to children and childhood - from health to education, language to literacy, parents to playtime, risk to resilience.

Social Sciences - Health - 31.10.2018

Health - Life Sciences - 30.10.2018
£1.9m to make heart models to test drug safety
A mathematical biologist at the University of Nottingham has received funding of over £1.9m from Wellcome to develop mathematical models to test whether new pharmaceutical drugs will have side-effects on the heart.

Health - 29.10.2018
Powerful new arts collaboration brings a lived experience of stroke to the stage
Stroke survivors are turning their experience of the potentially devastating effects of stroke into performance art at Lakeside Arts on University Park in Nottingham. The unique performance at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th November is called Stroke Odysseys and is part of a national tour involving arts and health professionals and survivors of stroke.

Health - Life Sciences - 25.10.2018
Innovative gene therapy trial for Parkinson’s disease
A trial for a new gene therapy, known as AXO-Lenti-PD, aimed at improving the supply of dopamine in the brains of people with Parkinson's disease has been launched by researchers at UCL and University College London Hospitals (UCLH). In people affected by Parkinson's disease (PD), parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years resulting in motor symptoms including tremor, rigidity and bradykinesia (slowness of movement).

Health - Environment - 25.10.2018
The far reach of primary health care
The far reach of primary health care
Imperial researchers have shown that more attention to primary health care could help to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges.

Health - Life Sciences - 25.10.2018
Major donation will advance research into musculoskeletal disorders
Major donation will advance research into musculoskeletal disorders
Imperial will pioneer advances into the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of devastating musculoskeletal diseases thanks to a philanthropic gift.

Health - Administration - 25.10.2018
Experts call for health system change to tackle the challenge of multimorbidity in the NHS
Experts call for health system change to tackle the challenge of multimorbidity in the NHS
25 October 2018 The number of people with multiple long-term conditions, known as multimorbidity, is rising internationally, putting increased pressure on health care systems, including the NHS.

Health - 24.10.2018
University challenge to create Sir Peter Mansfield celebration ale
PA 210/18 A University of Nottingham brewing science student and Nottingham's Castle Rock Brewery have combined their expertise to create what tasters describe as the perfect beer to honour one of the University of Nottingham's Nobel Prize winners.

Health - 19.10.2018
Fat fuels aggressive brain cancers
Fat is powering tumour growth in brain cancer, finds a new study by Cardiff University and the University of Florida.

Health - 17.10.2018
Targeting hard-to-treat cancers
Targeting hard-to-treat cancers
Cambridge leads a £10 million interdisciplinary collaboration to target the most challenging of cancers.

Health - Psychology - 16.10.2018
Which factors are linked with wellbeing and medication adherence in young adults with kidney failure
16 October 2018 A new study led by the University of Bristol has evaluated important aspects of psychological health in young adults with kidney failure.

Health - 16.10.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 15.10.2018
The health innovation system is 'broken' and failing patients
The health innovation system is ’broken’ and failing patients
NHS patients are being let down by a global health innovation system which fails to deliver the treatments they need at prices that government can afford, according to a new report led by Professor M

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 15.10.2018
Child health in England falling behind other European countries
A new report warns child health is lagging behind other European countries, with child mortality potentially 140% higher than other nations by 2030. The ‘Child health in 2030 in England: comparisons with other wealthy countries' report, published today by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), and co-authored by an Imperial researcher, compares England with European and other western countries known as the EU15+.

Health - 12.10.2018
UCL Cancer Institute’s breakthrough research celebrated at 10 year event
The groundbreaking research carried out by the UCL Cancer Institute has been celebrated at a special Royal Society event, marking its 10 year anniversary.

Health - 11.10.2018
Australia visit sees KCMHR partner with Phoenix Australia
Researchers from the King's Centre of Military Health Resear ch (KCMHR) at King's College London and Phoenix Australia - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health at the University of Melbourne have begun a new partnership on military health and well-being.

Health - Careers / Employment - 11.10.2018