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Environment - 12.06.2019
Scale of the problem: How fish skins and algae could help solve the plastic pollution crisis
Scale of the problem: How fish skins and algae could help solve the plastic pollution crisis
A University of Sussex student has taken inspiration from the seas to find a solution to the man-made plastic pollution contaminating the world's oceans.

Environment - 12.06.2019
Unclear nuclear: How UK energy consumers unwittingly pay for military infrastructures
UK energy consumers are unknowingly subsidising the high cost of military nuclear infrastructures, testimony by University of Sussex academics to a Parliamentary inquiry has documented.

Environment - 06.06.2019

Environment - Earth Sciences - 24.05.2019
Earthquakes or tiger attacks?
Earthquakes or tiger attacks?
Dr Hanna Ruszczyk (Geography) believes that uderstanding what people fear most can help prevent disasters.

Innovation / Technology - Environment - 16.05.2019

Environment - Materials Science - 08.05.2019
Nottingham's Pint of Science tickets selling fast
Pint of Science is now a firm fixture in Nottingham's annual events calendar but get your tickets soon because some of this year's ‘Pint of Science Festival' events are already sold out! Academi

Environment - 02.05.2019

Environment - 01.05.2019
Join the Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge to discover the Living Coast
A celebration of cycling this month gives you the opportunity to explore the Living Coast , a UNESCO World Biosphere Region that includes the University of Sussex campus.

Environment - 30.04.2019
Summer extremes of 2018 linked to stalled giant waves in jet stream
Record breaking heatwaves and droughts in North America and Western Europe, torrential rainfalls and floods in South-East Europe and Japan - the summer of 2018 brought a series of extreme weather events that occurred almost simultaneously around the Northern Hemisphere in June and July.

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 29.04.2019
World's first 'BioSolar Leaf' to tackle air pollution in White City
World’s first ’BioSolar Leaf’ to tackle air pollution in White City
Imperial College London is to collaborate with startup Arborea to develop pioneering 'BioSolar Leaf' technology to improve air quality in White City.

Environment - Physics - 26.04.2019
Researchers venture to the Chernobyl Red Forest
Researchers venture to the Chernobyl Red Forest
A multidisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Bristol, as part of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics, recently travelled to Chernobyl exclusion zone, 33 years after the nuclear accident at the power plant in Ukraine.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 26.04.2019

Environment - 25.04.2019

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 17.04.2019
Livestream the sounds of the rainforest and hear what changes logging makes
Livestream the sounds of the rainforest and hear what changes logging makes
Award-winning low-cost audio recorders have been installed in the rainforest of Borneo, enabling researchers and the public to listen in 24/7.

Palaeontology - Environment - 12.04.2019

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 05.04.2019

Environment - 04.04.2019
Experimental new BBC sci-fi podcast aims to gauge the benefits of listening to natural sounds
Academics from Bristol, Exeter and The Open University have joined forces with BBC Radio 4 on an ambitious national experiment looking at how listening to natural sounds could boost well-being. The BBC is launching an innovative 27-part sci-fi podcast series, featuring University of Bristol alumna and Doctor Who star Pearl Mackie, today (Thursday 4 April) which imagines a futuristic world in which forests have been erased from history.

Environment - 04.04.2019

Environment - 02.04.2019
What are organisations in Bristol doing to help make the city more sustainable?
Researchers from the University of Bristol's Cabot Institute, in partnership with Bristol City Council and the Bristol City Office, are undertaking a consultation to better understand how public, pri

Environment - Physics - 29.03.2019
School pupils go head to head to solve global challenges
School pupils go head to head to solve global challenges
Electricity from footsteps, nanorobots for wastewater treatment and zinc-air batteries were some ideas from this year's Schools Science Competition.

Environment - 22.03.2019
Researcher training ’para-ecologists’ to protect the rainforest
Sussex researcher training 'para-ecologists' to protect the rainforest A scientist at the University of Sussex has been working to train up a new generation of data collectors to help monitor the overall health of the rainforest ecosystem.

Chemistry - Environment - 21.03.2019
Non-toxic salt water battery prototype can charge in seconds
A battery prototype has been designed using salt water and materials that are non-toxic and charge quickly, paving the way for new types of battery.

Environment - Administration - 21.03.2019
UK gets new £5 million climate change research centre
Cardiff University has been selected as the main hub for a £5 million research centre to explore how we can live differently to achieve the rapid and far-reaching emissions cuts required to address climate change. A collaboration between Cardiff, Manchester, York and East Anglia Universities, and charity Climate Outreach, the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) will work closely with industry, local/national governments, and charities to tackle climate change.

Environment - 21.03.2019

Environment - Administration - 18.03.2019
Researchers join international project to help 11 million Thai people
Sussex researchers join international project to help 11 million Thai people Researchers from the University of Sussex are joining an international effort to help protect Thailand's vulnerable coastal communities from storms, floods and coastal erosion.

Electroengineering - Environment - 06.03.2019
Turning cocoa bean waste into electricity for off-grid West African villages
A new green technology to generate electricity from discarded cocoa pod husks is set to benefit African farming communities currently with little or no access to grid power. The project, led by the University of Nottingham, aims to spawn an entirely new bio-fuel industry that would also improve socio-economic stability for cocoa producers in rural Ghana.

Computer Science / Telecom - Environment - 01.03.2019
Three immersive documentaries commissioned to research effects of Virtual Reality in nonfiction
Three immersive documentaries commissioned to research effects of Virtual Reality in nonfiction
The University of Bristol, University of Bath and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), in partnership with Watershed, are delighted to announce the commissioning of three new bold and distinctive VR documentary works.

Life Sciences - Environment - 21.02.2019

Environment - 18.02.2019
Returning lost eagle species to Wales
Research taking place in Wales could see the return of lost eagle species to our countryside, bringing both conservation and economic benefits.

Environment - 13.02.2019
MSc in Global Ecology and Conservation
A new master's degree from Cardiff University will train the next generation of scientists to tackle urgent global issues that are having significant impacts on wildlife and ecosystems around the world. The world is facing unprecedented challenges; from a growing human population and increased habitat loss, to plastic pollution and a changing climate.
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