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Administration - 03.10.2018
Cardiff’s 7m role researching greener planet
A 7m investment in research will help Cardiff University scientists play a key role in developing cleaner, greener industrial processes.

History / Archeology - 03.10.2018

Administration - Careers / Employment - 02.10.2018

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 02.10.2018
ESRC announce successful awards for Transformative Research Call
The University of Glasgow is among 13 new projects to share 2.6 million of funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) announced today. Funded under the Transformative Research Call, these projects will run for up to 24 months from September 2018.

Environment - Business / Economics - 02.10.2018
More big companies commit to addressing environmental impacts
Some of the world's biggest private sector companies are committing to address their environmental impacts and factoring biodiversity into their sustainability reports, according to new Oxford University research.

Politics - Social Sciences - 02.10.2018
Liberals see elite-educated politicians as more competent, while conservatives see them as less relatable
A small number of elite universities serve as the prime breeding grounds for American power brokers.

Health - Life Sciences - 02.10.2018
Could personalised 'food passports' help to boost health and tackle obesity?
Could personalised ’food passports’ help to boost health and tackle obesity?
Combining AI technology, personal data and culinary know-how could help to keep the population healthier for longer.

Social Sciences - Religions - 01.10.2018

Careers / Employment - 01.10.2018
Harder work and less say - British workers under pressure
Workers in Britain feel that they are working harder than ever before, new research reveals. The Skills and Employment Survey, a joint project between Cardiff University, University College London and the University of Oxford, has been researching the views of workers since the mid-1980s. The latest statistics from the study, which releases findings every five years, showed almost a half (46%) of those questioned strongly agree that their job requires them to work very hard compared to just a third (32%) of workers in 1992..

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 01.10.2018
The Henry Moore mystery
The Henry Moore mystery
External Relations writer Jacqui Bealing goes on the trail of an iconic sculpture that, for a while, lived at the University of Sussex.

Health - Life Sciences - 27.09.2018
Lifetime achievement award for UCL cancer researcher
Leading UCL oncologist Professor Charlie Swanton has been honoured by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) with a prestigious award, in recognition of his lifetime achievements to lung cancer research.

Academic Rankings - 27.09.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Physics - 27.09.2018
Industry partnership to create the world’s most accurate simulation of an aircraft jet engine
The project could lead to an aircraft jet engine simulation so accurate that it could enable new engine designs to be certified before they are physically built.

Linguistics / Literature - 27.09.2018
Orwell’s Down and Out: Live heads to Paris
The first ever live reading of Orwell's iconic text in both London and Paris completes its journey this week.

Health - 27.09.2018

Art and Design - 27.09.2018

Environment - Business / Economics - 26.09.2018

Environment - 26.09.2018

Innovation / Technology - 26.09.2018

Academic Rankings - Innovation / Technology - 26.09.2018

Electroengineering - Innovation / Technology - 25.09.2018

Careers / Employment - 25.09.2018
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