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Life Sciences - Health - 12.11.2018
Collaboration could help unlock secrets of key compound in memory and addiction
A team led by researchers at Imperial is leading an international effort to uncover the role of one of the brain's key chemical messengers in detail. Dopamine carries signals between nerve cells throughout the brain and plays important roles in everything from learning, memory and attention, to motivation and reward.

Environment - Electroengineering - 12.11.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 12.11.2018
’Transformation’ of medical education as major global conference launches
Experts from 15 countries gathered in Singapore to see how Imperial and its partners are driving a high-tech leap forward in medical education.

Literature / Linguistics - 09.11.2018

Health - 09.11.2018
Major investment to fund Fragile X Research
The Medicines Discovery Institute has received a grant of almost £2 million from the Medical Research Council to improve therapies for the most common inherited cause of learning disabilities.

Literature / Linguistics - 09.11.2018

Social Sciences - 09.11.2018
UK and Colombian researchers working together for sustainable peace
UK and Colombian researchers working together for sustainable peace
Ten new research projects announced by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will address issues facing Colombia's transition from conflict to peace. This includes a project led by academics from the University of Bristol to support community members in some of Colombia's most marginalised municipalities to produce creative pieces of memory work.

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 09.11.2018
Quantum ’compass’ could allow navigation without relying on satellites
The UK's first quantum accelerometer for navigation has been demonstrated by a team from Imperial College London and M Squared.

Business / Economics - 09.11.2018

Careers / Employment - 09.11.2018

Business / Economics - Health - 09.11.2018
Green racing and inspirational AI: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a showcase for Imperial's latest zero-emission racecar, to new insights into how AI can inspire doctors, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Health - Pharmacology - 08.11.2018
£438 million investment for UCL gene therapy spinouts
£438 million investment for UCL gene therapy spinouts
Prospective students Current students UCL spinout Orchard Therapeutics, a biotechnology company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with rare disorders through innovative gene therapies, has raised $225 million (£173 million) through its initial public offering.

Careers / Employment - 08.11.2018

Music - 08.11.2018
Audience take their MOMENT to conduct live musicians...with their minds!
The MOMENT is a unique brain controlled film where the plot is determined by the viewer, and now for the first time the music from the film will also be conducted live via the thoughts of two members of the audience.

Health - 08.11.2018

Literature / Linguistics - 07.11.2018
Ballet of the Nations
A thought-provoking film, released to coincide with the centenary of the Armistice in November 1918, in which war is imagined as a diabolical dance choreographed by Satan and Ballet Master Death is currently touring the UK, including several performances in and around Bristol.

Music - Life Sciences - 07.11.2018
Moths survive bat predation through acoustic camouflage fur
Moths survive bat predation through acoustic camouflage fur
Moths are a mainstay food source for bats, which use echolocation (biological sonar) to hunt their prey. Scientists from the University of Bristol are studying how moths have evolved passive defences over millions of years to resist their primary predators. While some moths have evolved ears that detect the ultrasonic calls of bats, many types of moths remain deaf.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 07.11.2018

Life Sciences - Earth Sciences - 07.11.2018
Tiny crustacean had a heart more than 400 million years ago
Tiny crustacean had a heart more than 400 million years ago
An Imperial researcher is part of an international team that has discovered a rare and exceptionally well-preserved crustacean. The fossil is a new species of ostracod, a relative of crabs and shrimps, and is just a few millimetres long. Exceptional preservation This particular fossil preserves not just the animal's hard shell, but also its limbs, eyes, gut and gills - soft parts that are extremely rarely preserved.

Art and Design - 07.11.2018
Celebrating Scotland’s Wee Cinema
For many living in remote parts of Scotland it was their first experience of cinema. The operators of the Highland and Islands Film Guild, affectionately known as the “Men of the Wee Cinema” took the Big Screen to small communities up and down remote areas of Scotland.

History / Archeology - Careers / Employment - 06.11.2018

Business / Economics - 06.11.2018
Training resource for ship operators
A free training resource has been developed to help improve the lives of seafarers around the world.

Social Sciences - 06.11.2018
Chimpanzees can sniff out strangers
Colleges & Student Experience Research & Collaboration Chimpanzees' sense of smell is more sophisticated than we thought with a new study showing that our closest relatives use their noses to smell danger. The study shows that chimpanzees can smell who is a stranger and who is part of their family. It was previously thought that they relied more heavily on their eyes than on their noses.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 06.11.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 06.11.2018
£15m new Artificial Intelligence centre for Scotland to innovate and transform healthcare
Scotland is to have its own £15.8m artificial intelligence health research centre, which promises to enable better patient diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

Business / Economics - Health - 05.11.2018
How to feed the world’s population sustainably
Prof Sir Gordon Conway recounts highlights of an extraordinary career dedicated to finding solutions to feeding the world's population sustainably.

Environment - 05.11.2018
Overwhelming public support for government action on unrecyclable packaging
A survey conducted by Cardiff University shows three quarters of people want the government to ensure products are recyclable and repairable, and almost 90 percent want all packaging to be recyclable.

Business / Economics - 05.11.2018

Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 05.11.2018
’Embrace technology for a better Wales’
Digital technologies can help create a Wales we all want to live in, says a leading academic who chairs the Wales review of digital innovation.

Social Sciences - Careers / Employment - 05.11.2018
Research helps Pakistani husbands adapt to UK life
New research has uncovered the distinctive challenges faced by some Pakistani men migrating to join their wives in the UK.

Health - Pharmacology - 05.11.2018
Research will help to reduce limbo for cancer patients in the UK
A simple test to improve treatment for breast cancer patients invented by scientists in Nottingham could soon benefit people across the UK, as part of a £14 million national initiative.

Innovation / Technology - 02.11.2018
EU Quantum Flagship Project UNIQORN advances the next generation of quantum communication systems
The multidisciplinary project UNIQORN, which begins this month, will develop quantum technology for the mass market.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 02.11.2018
Bristol to join forces with one of the world's most prestigious research societies New Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology announced
Bristol to join forces with one of the world’s most prestigious research societies New Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology announced
Bristol to join forces with one of the world's most prestigious research societies New Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology announced The University of Bristol partners with the Max Planck Society in Germany to establish an innovative new Max Planck Centre for Minimal Biology in Bristol.

Health - Life Sciences - 02.11.2018

Health - 01.11.2018
More action needed to prevent maternal deaths across the UK
There has been an increase in the number of women dying during pregnancy or in the six weeks after the end of pregnancy in the UK, according to a new report produced by researchers from the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford.

Event - Environment - 01.11.2018
Malaysian Top Scientist Award for sustainable palm oil researcher
A leading chemical engineer at the University of Nottingham Malaysia has been named among the 2018 Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM).

Health - 01.11.2018