Physics - Oct 19
Scientists discover the first high-temperature single-molecule magnet. This could be relevant for molecule-based magnetic information storage materials. The research group reports a new single-molecule magnet (SMM) - a type of material that retains magnetic information up to a characteristic blocking temperature.
Medicine - Oct 18

Providing nurse-led care for people suffering with the painful, long-term condition gout could lead to an increase in the number of patients sticking to a beneficial treatment plan, a clinical trial has revealed.

Life Sciences - Oct 18

The first farmers who arrived into Europe had company when they travelled out of the Near East during the Neolithic expansion.

Life Sciences - Oct 18

Research from King's College London has shown for the first time that genetics plays a significant role in whether young adults choose to go to university, which university they choose to attend and how well they do.

History - Oct 18

New research conducted for the current independent inquiry suggests that - despite recent policy improvements - cultures of child abuse are liable to emerge while youth custody exists, and keeping children in secure institutions should be limited as far as possible.


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Medicine / Pharmacology - 15:33

Physics / Materials Science - 12:03

Careers / Employment - 11:34
New Director appointed to Cardiff Catalysis Institute
Cardiff University has appointed Professor Duncan Wass as the new Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI).

Medicine / Pharmacology - 11:34
Fat fuels aggressive brain cancers
Fat is powering tumour growth in brain cancer, finds a new study by Cardiff University and the University of Florida.

Pedagogy - 18.10.2018
Experts raise safety concerns about cardboard baby boxes
18 October 2018 Cardboard baby boxes are being promoted for infant sleep as a safe alternative to more traditional cots, bassinets, or Moses baskets, without any evidence in place, warn experts from the Universities of Bristol and Durham and published in The BMJ.

Literature / Linguistics - 17.10.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 17.10.2018

Innovation / Technology - Careers / Employment - 17.10.2018

Environment - Business / Economics - 17.10.2018
Rewilding may be a risk worth taking for landowners after Brexit, say Sussex experts
Leaving the European Union could make rewilding an attractive option for landowners across the UK, according to a team of experts led by the University of Sussex.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 17.10.2018
Targeting hard-to-treat cancers
Targeting hard-to-treat cancers
Cambridge leads a 10 million interdisciplinary collaboration to target the most challenging of cancers.

Music - Physics / Materials Science - 17.10.2018
’How can we estimate the mass of the atmosphere?’ Oxford interview questions explained
The University of Oxford is today releasing a set of sample interview questions from tutors who conduct Oxford interviews.

Event - 17.10.2018
Halloween fun
Cardiff University is opening its doors to celebrate the bicentenary of Mary Shelley's immortal gothic novel Frankenstein with a series of spooktacular events ahead of Halloween.

Administration - 17.10.2018
Changing Wales
Changing Wales
The Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) is celebrating ten years of influencing policy and debate. A collaboration of five Welsh universities (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, South Wales and Swansea), WISERD has carried out a decade of pioneering research, providing important insights into the social and economic challenges facing Wales.

Business / Economics - 16.10.2018

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 16.10.2018
First annual Green Great Britain Week launches at Imperial
First annual Green Great Britain Week launches at Imperial
"This week is to celebrate what we've done and to challenge ourselves to do more," said Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth, Claire Perry.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 16.10.2018

Business / Economics - Careers / Employment - 16.10.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 15.10.2018
The health innovation system is 'broken' and failing patients
The health innovation system is ’broken’ and failing patients
NHS patients are being let down by a global health innovation system which fails to deliver the treatments they need at prices that government can afford, according to a new report led by Professor M

Life Sciences - Business / Economics - 15.10.2018

Careers / Employment - 15.10.2018
Time to Listen: New study highlights widespread concern over impact of declining provision of arts and culture in schools
A landmark research project outlines the overwhelmingly positive benefits of arts and cultural education on the lives of young people.

Administration - Social Sciences - 15.10.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Agronomy / Food Science - 15.10.2018
Child health in England falling behind other European countries
A new report warns child health is lagging behind other European countries, with child mortality potentially 140% higher than other nations by 2030. The ‘Child health in 2030 in England: comparisons with other wealthy countries' report, published today by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), and co-authored by an Imperial researcher, compares England with European and other western countries known as the EU15+.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 12.10.2018
UCL Cancer Institute’s breakthrough research celebrated at 10 year event
The groundbreaking research carried out by the UCL Cancer Institute has been celebrated at a special Royal Society event, marking its 10 year anniversary.

Environment - 12.10.2018
Research featured heavily in major climate change report
Research featured heavily in major climate change report
University of Sussex research featured heavily in major climate change report Research by the University of Sussex has played in key role in the creation of a hugely significant new report on climate change. Work by a number of University of Sussex academics has been heavily cited in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on the impacts of 1.5C global warming which was published on Monday.

Computer Science / Telecom - 12.10.2018
Supercomputing programme launches in Wales
A 15m project aimed at making Wales a leader in high-performance computing and big data is officially underway after a launch event at the Senedd.

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 12.10.2018
’Smart strategies’ can reduce emissions and more, according to researchers
Leading academics at the University of Sussex have argued that the ‘transformative systemic change' called for in the IPCC SR15 report can not only be met, but can also help us tackle other global sustainability goals.

Sport Sciences - 12.10.2018

Business / Economics - 12.10.2018
Nice people ’at a financial disadvantage’, study says
Nice people may be at greater risk of bankruptcy and other financial hardships, compared with their less agreeable peers, because they don't value money as much, according to research by UCL and Columbia Business School. The study by Dr Joe Gladstone (UCL School of Management) and co-author Dr Sandra Matz (Columbia Business School) involved analysing data collected from more than three million participants using multiple methods: two online panels, a national survey, bank account data, and publicly available geographic data.

Astronomy / Space Science - Medicine / Pharmacology - 11.10.2018

Literature / Linguistics - 11.10.2018
New online toolkit will help to tackle modern slavery
A new online toolkit has been designed by experts to help organisations tackle modern slavery in their local communities.

Environment - Administration - 11.10.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 11.10.2018
Australia visit sees KCMHR partner with Phoenix Australia
Researchers from the King's Centre of Military Health Resear ch (KCMHR) at King's College London and Phoenix Australia - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health at the University of Melbourne have begun a new partnership on military health and well-being.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 11.10.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 11.10.2018
Inspiring healthcare research projects showcased at Imperial Symposium
A wide range of healthcare professionals showcased their projects to encourage others to do research.

Computer Science / Telecom - 11.10.2018
Report suggests scrapping EAL ability data collection was a mistake
English ability can directly influence the academic achievement of students' with English as an Additional Language (EAL), according to new Oxford University research.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 11.10.2018

Literature / Linguistics - 11.10.2018
Literary Atlas offers new perspective on Wales
The geography of Wales is being explored through its fiction, as part of an interactive online project.

Environment - 10.10.2018
Uncertainty and constitutional dispute puts Green Brexit at risk
Brexit threatens to obscure the common environmental ambitions that unite the UK, according to a report. Professor Richard Cowell, of Cardiff University's School of Geography and Planning, is part of the Brexit and Environment network, which has spent the last year researching the implications of Brexit for environmental policy in a devolved United Kingdom.

Administration - 10.10.2018
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