Life Sciences - Aug 17
17 August 2018 Bristol Vet School has been awarded two Innovate UK grants totalling nearly £160k for studies that aim to further our progress towards sustainable livestock production and improve broiler chicken welfare.
Astronomy - Aug 17

Some of the faintest satellite galaxies orbiting our own Milky Way galaxy are amongst the very first that formed in our Universe, physicists have found.

Medicine - Aug 16

16 August 2018 Patients suffering sudden liver failure could in the future benefit from a new treatment that could reduce the need for transplants, research published today shows.

Physics - Aug 16

To tame chaos in powerful semiconductor lasers, which causes instabilities, scientists have introduced another kind of chaos.

Environment - Aug 16

Coral bleaching across Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been occurring since the late 18 th century, new research shows.


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Medicine / Pharmacology - Chemistry - 17.08.2018
University spin-out Ziylo acquired by global healthcare company in $800m deal which could transform the treatment of diabetes
University spin-out Ziylo acquired by global healthcare company in $800m deal which could transform the treatment of diabetes
17 August 2018 University of Bristol spin-out company Ziylo has been bought by global healthcare company Novo Nordisk in a deal which could be worth around $800 million.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 17.08.2018

Careers / Employment - Administration - 15.08.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 15.08.2018
Investigating use of new HIV prevention strategy
Wales is about to become one of the first countries to robustly examine the use of a new HIV prevention strategy that has been rolled out across the world.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Event - 15.08.2018

Careers / Employment - Innovation / Technology - 15.08.2018

History / Archeology - 15.08.2018

Careers / Employment - Administration - 15.08.2018

Administration - Medicine / Pharmacology - 15.08.2018

Social Sciences - Religions - 15.08.2018
Muslims leaving prison talk about the layers of their lives
Muslims leaving prison talk about the layers of their lives
The†Lammy†Review in 2017 drew attention to inequalities among black, Asian and minority ethnic people in the criminal justice system.

Administration - Careers / Employment - 15.08.2018

Life Sciences - Psychology - 14.08.2018
Neuroscientist stars in new Werner Herzog-linked Netflix documentary
Neuroscientist stars in new Werner Herzog-linked Netflix documentary
Sussex neuroscientist stars in new Werner Herzog-linked Netflix documentary Professor of Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience, Anil Seth , features as one of nine scientists sharing ideas in a n

Innovation / Technology - Social Sciences - 14.08.2018

Administration - Medicine / Pharmacology - 14.08.2018
Tobacco content still common on UK prime time TV, despite regulations
PA 172/18 Tobacco content remains common on UK prime time TV, occurring in a third of all programmes, despite advertising and broadcasting regulations designed to protect children from this kind of exposure, a study led by The University of Nottingham has revealed.

Environment - Social Sciences - 14.08.2018

Social Sciences - 13.08.2018
UCL Press' open access ebooks top most-read chart
UCL Press’ open access ebooks top most-read chart
Books published by UCL Press and authored by UCL academics are the most-read open access ebooks on JSTOR, an online library which provides access to more than 12 million academic articles and books.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 13.08.2018
New study will review support offered to sex assault victims
13 August 2018 Researchers will speak to around 1,000 sexual assault victims to understand how the support they receive affects their long-term health and wellbeing. The centres offer a first point of call for victims of rape or sexual assault, and do not require a person to report abuse to the police.

Event - Careers / Employment - 13.08.2018
Working with industry to reduce the dangers faced by seafarers
Pioneering research which has lifted the lid on many issues directly and indirectly undermining the safety of seafarers is being used to effect changes within the industry.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Event - 10.08.2018

History / Archeology - Careers / Employment - 10.08.2018
Trump's nation state foreign policy risks taking the world back a century to pre-World War powder keg
Trump’s nation state foreign policy risks taking the world back a century to pre-World War powder keg
Donald Trump risks marching global politics back more than a century to the tinder-box tensions that ultimately led to two world wars, leading University of Sussex historians have warned.

Law / Forensics - Religions - 10.08.2018
Boris comments legitimises Islamophobic sentiment says "burqa ban" challenge legal advisor
An expert in international human rights at the University of Sussex has criticised former foreign secretary Boris Johnson claiming his comments on women who wear burqas “legitimise Islamophobic sentiment”.

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 10.08.2018
Ancient worms and toxic impacts: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a discovery of the velvet worm's ancient ancestor, to a new study of chemical impacts on freshwater ecosystems, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Computer Science / Telecom - 10.08.2018

Careers / Employment - Administration - 09.08.2018

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 09.08.2018
New project to engineer diversity into STEMM workforces
The University of Nottingham is leading an innovative pilot to transform white, male-dominated workforces in engineering and science to ones that comprise top talent from diverse backgrounds.

History / Archeology - Event - 08.08.2018

Academic Rankings - Art and Design - 08.08.2018
Research excellence propels UCL to global ’star’ status
UCL has joined a small handful of international higher education institutions which have been rated as global 'stars', according to new analysis of the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education (THE).

Business / Economics - Medicine / Pharmacology - 07.08.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Event - 06.08.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - 06.08.2018
Partnership launched to develop cystic fibrosis gene therapy
Experts at Oxford are teaming up with leading figures from industry to advance development of a gene therapy for cystic fibrosis.

Social Sciences - Law / Forensics - 06.08.2018
Justice in Wales?
Could a distinct Welsh justice system improve access to justice, reduce crime and promote rehabilitation? The future of the current single ‘England and Wales' justice system is being called into question as variations between the laws of the two countries increase.

Innovation / Technology - Administration - 06.08.2018
The 'brain' that's helping reduce carbon emissions
The ’brain’ that’s helping reduce carbon emissions
From their base halfway across the globe in Singapore, Cambridge researchers are working with colleagues from around the world to reduce carbon emissions in industry.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 06.08.2018
Researchers partner with industry to develop ground-breaking gene therapy for CF
A new partnership bringing together academic and pharmaceutical expertise has been established to develop a gene therapy for cystic fibrosis patients.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 03.08.2018

Agronomy / Food Science - Medicine / Pharmacology - 02.08.2018
Misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals
Misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals
The BDA has called for sweeping changes to food marketing and product formulation, as new research by Cardiff University reveals the extent of misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals aimed at children.

Art and Design - Event - 02.08.2018
University of Glasgow part of worldwide initiative to preserve art conservation skills
The Getty Foundation has announced the launch of Conserving Canvas, a new initiative that aims to ensure that critical conservation skills needed to care for paintings on canvas do not disappear.

Innovation / Technology - 02.08.2018
"Pride is important because some people’s troubles are only just beginning"
Coby Sharpe, a technician in the Media Technology Lab within Informatics, is joining others from the University of Sussex in taking part in this year's Brighton & Hove Pride parade on Saturday (4 August).

Politics - 01.08.2018
One-party dominance of Wales examined
The consequences of one-party dominance for political life in Wales will be examined by the political communicator of the year at the National Eisteddfod.

Mathematics - Event - 01.08.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Careers / Employment - 01.08.2018
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