Mathematics Nov 21
New research has shown schooling fish constantly change who they decide to pay attention to and respond to one or two neighbours at a time. The study, published in PLOS Computational Biology, developed a new method combining behavioural analyses with a computer model to map the chain of direct interactions in a school of fish.
Business - Mathematics Nov 10
Business - Mathematics

No-growth economy could mean fewer crashes and higher wages, study shows. An economy based on zero growth could be more stable - experiencing fewer crashes - and bring higher wages, suggests a new University of Sussex study.

Social Sciences - Mathematics Aug 24
Social Sciences - Mathematics

Many people over 60 in the UK are victims of sexual violence, according to Durham University research.

Life Sciences - Mathematics Sep 28
Life Sciences - Mathematics

UCL researchers have devised a mathematical model to understand what causes obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a set of repeated behaviours deriving from an underlying brain dysfunction that is not yet well understood.

Mathematics - Computer Science Aug 10
Mathematics - Computer Science

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have created an artificial intelligence (AI) that uses internet searches to help co-design a word association magic trick.

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