Mathematics - Sep 7
A senior lecturer from the University of Sussex has contributed to a book of brainteasers from BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, which published yesterday. The Today Programme Puzzle Book contains over 280 cryptic, linguistic and numerical brainteasers created by top mathematicians and logicians from around the country, including Dr Nicos Georgiou, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Sussex.
Mathematics - Careers - Aug 15

Universities must seek a deeper understanding of the drivers of inequality in job roles and academic ranks if they are to achieve change.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - Aug 6
Life Sciences - Mathematics

The question of why we sleep has been a longstanding subject of debate, with some theories suggesting that slumber provides respite for the brain, which allows it to filter out insignificant neural connections, build new ones, strengthen memories and even repair itself.

Mathematics - Environment - Aug 9
Mathematics - Environment

The location of road accidents is not random and they tend to be highly concentrated in urban areas, according to a new UCL study.

Mathematics - Jun 20

By preserving songs for centuries, American swamp sparrows show a cultural stability previously only seen in humans.