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Innovation - Computer Science - May 14
Innovation - Computer Science
The University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab led the team behind the 5G-enabled Tourism Experience Catalyst project that will be showcased at this year's Digital Transformation World in Nice, France [Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16 May].
Computer Science - May 1

New technologies are giving businesses in Wales a much needed boost while questions over Brexit continue, researchers say. Academics from Cardiff University's Welsh Economy Research Unit surveyed 479 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as part of the 2018 Digital Maturity Survey.

Computer Science - Apr 2

In 2013, the City of London's Walkie Talkie building, also known as 20 Fenchurch Street, 'melted' a car parked on the pavement outside. In the worst-case scenario the intensity could've harmed people's skin and eyes, or charred the contents of nearby flats.

Health - Computer Science - Mar 27

Computers which are capable of teaching themselves to predict premature death could greatly improve preventative healthcare in the future, suggests a new study by experts at the University of Nottingham.

Health - Computer Science - Apr 26
Health - Computer Science

While network algorithms are usually associated with finding friends on social media, researchers at the University of Sussex have shown how they could also be used improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment, by predicting the interactions between genes.

Computer Science - Innovation - Mar 28

The University of Nottingham is to be part of UK Government's wider initiative to become a world leader in tackling cyber threats. Derek Robert McAuley , Professor of Digital Economy, in the School of Computer Science and Director of Horizon is joining a new National Research Centre which aims to provide a step-change in research associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Computer Science - Mar 20

Humans are unknowingly adhering to a universal pattern when they flick between apps on their smartphones, scientists have discovered. Experts from Cardiff University have shown that although we spend a varying amount of time glued to our screens, the way in which we specifically switch between our different apps is remarkably similar.

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