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Computer Science - Jan 8
Researchers at Imperial have created a new robot controller using game theory, allowing the robot to learn when to assist a human. The past decade has seen robots work increasingly with humans - for example in manufacturing, assistive devices for physically impaired individuals, and in surgery. However, robots cannot currently react in a personalised way to individual users, which limits their usefulness to humans.
Pharmacology - Computer Science - Dec 20, 2018

Researchers recommend greater action to promote best practice as a new study reveals a rise in prescriptions of opioids for treating chronic pain rise between 1998 and 2018. A review of opioid prescribing in the UK has shown that UK doctors are prescribing more and stronger opioid drugs to patients.

Computer Science - Dec 3, 2018

A transformative educational app developed by onebillion that was researched by the University of Nottingham has moved from trials in Africa to schools across England.

Computer Science - Business - Dec 14, 2018

Imperial scientists have created an algorithm to predict when specific cryptocoins are at risk of 'pump-and-dump' schemes. The algorithm could help market regulators predict and prevent cryptocurrency schemes that sees traders spend seven million US Dollars per month, only to find the price of their purchased currency falls as the scheme unfolds.

Innovation - Computer Science - Nov 28, 2018

The project by the Universities' Police Science Institute evaluated South Wales Police's deployment of Automated Facial Recognition across several major sporting and entertainment events in Cardiff city over more than a year, including the UEFA Champion's League Final and the Autumn Rugby Internationals.

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