Astronomy - Chemistry - Jul 19
Astronomy - Chemistry
The Apollo 11 mission landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969, enabling the first man to walk on its surface the next day - 21 July. The mission returned to Earth a few days later, bringing back safely the astronauts and a precious load of lunar rocks.
Chemistry - Jun 13

Why do some people take to the streets to protest against corruption in their society.. and others don't? Researchers from the Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex have found that people who experience corruption first hand are more likely to protest, but only up to the point where it becomes routine.

History - Chemistry - May 16

Scientists from the University of Bristol have uncovered, for the first time, definitive evidence that determines what types of food medieval peasants ate and how they managed their animals.

Chemistry - Apr 8

Could turning the periodic table on its head make some important aspects easier to understand and enthuse more people to study chemistry? This question is posed in an article published today by chemists and psychologists at the University of Nottingham and Manchester and Liverpool universities.

Chemistry - May 20

The chemical composition of the Earth's mantle is a lot more variable and diverse than previously thought, a new study has revealed. According to a new analysis of cores drilled through the ocean crust, the mantle is made up of distinct sections of rock each with different chemical make-ups.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Apr 18

Researchers at the University of Sussex have discovered a new genetic defect which causes a form of intellectual disability; a finding that will improve screening programmes and help to end a ‘diagnostic odyssey' for families across the globe.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - Mar 29
Pharmacology - Chemistry

Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From recommendations to raise the smoking age to 21, to sequencing HIV transmission networks in Africa, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

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