Natural sciences

Environment - Earth Sciences - May 22
Environment - Earth Sciences
Since 2013, annual emissions of a banned chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) have increased by around 7 Australia and Switzerland. Last year, it was reported that emissions of one of the most important ozone depleting substances, CFC-11, had increased. This chemical was used primarily as a foaming agent for building insulation, refrigerators and other consumer products.
Chemistry - May 20

The chemical composition of the Earth's mantle is a lot more variable and diverse than previously thought, a new study has revealed. According to a new analysis of cores drilled through the ocean crust, the mantle is made up of distinct sections of rock each with different chemical make-ups.

Earth Sciences - May 15
Earth Sciences

Cardiff University writers and researchers will bring their work to life at one of the world's best known literature festivals.

Earth Sciences - Palaeontology - May 2
Earth Sciences - Palaeontology

The duck-billed hadrosaurs walked the Earth over 90-million years ago and were one of the most successful groups of dinosaurs.

History - Chemistry - May 16

Scientists from the University of Bristol have uncovered, for the first time, definitive evidence that determines what types of food medieval peasants ate and how they managed their animals.

Innovation - Computer Science - May 14
Innovation - Computer Science

The University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab led the team behind the 5G-enabled Tourism Experience Catalyst project that will be showcased at this year's Digital Transformation World in Nice, France [Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16 May].

Computer Science - May 1

New technologies are giving businesses in Wales a much needed boost while questions over Brexit continue, researchers say. Academics from Cardiff University's Welsh Economy Research Unit surveyed 479 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as part of the 2018 Digital Maturity Survey.

Currently 203 jobs in fields Chemistry, Computer Science/Telecom, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics / Astronomy.
Selected Jobs
Chemistry - 14.05
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry University of York
Computer Science/Telecom - 08.05
Lecturer/ Associate Professor in Digital Bioprocess Engineering University College London
Earth Sciences - 03.05
Assistant Professor in Geography Education (Part-time) University of Nottingham
Computer Science/Telecom - 25.04
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Applied Machine Learning University College London
Mathematics - 15.04
Associate Professor in Statistical Science University College London
Computer Science/Telecom - 12.04
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Visual Computing University of Bath
Computer Science/Telecom - 12.04
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Artificial Intelligence University of Bath
Chemistry - 10.04
Assistant Professor in Sustainable Process Engineering University of Nottingham
Life Sciences - 02.04
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Neuroimage Analysis University College London