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Chemistry Apr 18
Children infected with malaria give off a distinctive smell through their skin which makes them even more attractive to mosquitoes, researchers have found. In a new study published today a team including scientists from Cardiff University have been able to identify this unique chemical fingerprint for the very first time, opening up the possibility of developing a system to lure mosquitoes away from human populations.
Earth Sciences - Environment Apr 16
Earth Sciences - Environment

It is commonly understood that the dinosaurs disappeared with a bang - wiped out by a great meteorite impact on the Earth 66 million years ago.

Life Sciences - Mathematics Apr 12

Using detailed computer simulations, Oxford University research has revealed why falcons dive at their prey using the same steering laws as man-made missiles.

Medicine - Chemistry Apr 16

A new non-toxic method for delivering anti-cancer drugs to specific parts of the human body could mean the end of the severe and nasty side effects associated with many cancer therapies, according to researchers at Cardiff University's School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Environment - Earth Sciences Apr 12
Environment - Earth Sciences

 North Atlantic circulation is weaker today than it has been for over a thousand years, and leading climate change models could be overestimating its stability, according to a team of scientists led by UCL and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, US.

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