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Earth Sciences - Environment - Sep 19
Imperial experts have predicted that sustained Antarctic warming of just 2░C could melt the largest ice sheet on earth. New research on Antarctic sediment layers has shown that the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS), also known as Antarctica's ‘sleeping giant', retreated during extended warm periods in the past - when temperatures were like those predicted for this century.
Computer Science - Sep 18

A mobile app that guides pedestrians along the safest instead of quickest route to their destination is being developed by researchers at Cardiff University.

Computer Science - Sep 13

Using a combination of AI and weather forecasting can help scientists to predict the movements of millions of birds and support their conservation goals, according to new Oxford University research.

Palaeontology - Earth Sciences - Sep 17
Palaeontology - Earth Sciences

A new study published today in Nature, using research carried out at the University of Bristol, shows that getting smaller was a key factor contributing to the exceptional evolution of mammals over the last 200 million years.

Medicine - Earth Sciences - Sep 11

A first of its kind study, led by Dr Claire Horwell of the Department of Earth Sciences and Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience , has found that industry-certified particle masks are most effe

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