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Environment - Earth Sciences - Jul 20
Environment - Earth Sciences
Under warmer conditions, plants can take up more carbon dioxide by using carbon more efficiently for growth, shows a new study. Plants take in - or ‘fix' - carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. Some of the carbon is used for plant growth, and some of it is used in respiration, where the plant breaks down sugars to get energy.
Earth Sciences - Jul 19

Groundwater pumped from the depths of the coastal Bengal Basin supporting more than 80 million people is largely secure from contamination, according to new research by UCL and the British Geological Survey.

Innovation - Chemistry - Jul 17
Innovation - Chemistry

Researchers from Cardiff University are piloting a new system that uses ammonia as an energy storage solution.

Chemistry - Computer Science - Jul 18
Chemistry - Computer Science

A new type of artificial-intelligence-driven chemistry could revolutionise the way molecules are discovered, scientists claim.

Innovation - Computer Science - Jul 12

As manufacturing shifts towards smart factories, with interconnected production systems and automation, engineers at the University of Nottingham are leading a 1.9m project to develop a predictive toolkit to optimise productivity and communication between human workers and robots.

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Computer Science/Telecom - 20.07
Chair in Computer Vision / Machine Learning - 59786 University of Birmingham
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Professor of Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence Cranfield University
Earth Sciences - 12.07
Associate Professor in Human Geography University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 10.07
Assistant Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials University of Nottingham
Chemistry - 05.07
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) University of Bath
Earth Sciences - 08.06
Regius Professorship of Ocean Sciences University of Southampton