Natural sciences

Computer Science - Mar 20
Humans are unknowingly adhering to a universal pattern when they flick between apps on their smartphones, scientists have discovered. Experts from Cardiff University have shown that although we spend a varying amount of time glued to our screens, the way in which we specifically switch between our different apps is remarkably similar.
History - Earth Sciences - Mar 13
History - Earth Sciences

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of the earliest large-scale celebrations in Britain - with people and animals travelling hundreds of miles for prehistoric feasting rituals.

Computer Science - Innovation - Mar 7

New research has demonstrated a ground-breaking solution for securing future critical communications infrastructures, including emerging 5G networks. The research addresses widely reported concerns on security vulnerability of 5G networks which are predicted to transform the telecommunications industry in the next ten years.

Chemistry - Life Sciences - Mar 7

A new suite of advanced analytical instruments allowing precise chemical measurement has opened in Imperial's Molecular Sciences Research Hub. The Agilent Measurement Suite (AMS) is a collaboration between Agilent Technologies Inc and Imperial College London.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Mar 6
Earth Sciences - Environment

A team of scientists from the UK and China have uncovered new evidence, using recently-discovered 25-million-year-old fossilised palm leaves, that Tibet's geography was not as 'high and dry' as previously thought.

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Earth Sciences - 12.03
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Geotechnical Engineering University of Bath
Computer Science/Telecom - 11.03
Professor / Associate Professor of Urban Analytics University of Leeds
Computer Science/Telecom - 11.03
DeepMind Professorship of Machine Learning University of Cambridge
Computer Science/Telecom - 08.03
Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the Faculty of Science and Engineering University of Manchester
Computer Science/Telecom - 07.03
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Machine Learning (2 posts) University College London
Computer Science/Telecom - 07.03
DeepMind Chair in Artificial Intelligence University College London
Careers/Employment - 01.03
Chair in Computer Networking University of Lancaster
Careers/Employment - 01.03
Assistant Professor in Computing Science University of Glasgow
Earth Sciences - 19.02
Associate Professor of Mineralogy / Petrology University of Oxford