Natural sciences

Earth Sciences - Life Sciences Mar 22
Earth Sciences - Life Sciences
More than a century of theory about the evolutionary history of dinosaurs has been turned on its head following the publication of new research from scientists at the University of Cambridge and Natural History Museum in London.
Mathematics Mar 22

The rhythm with which individual sperm move could explain why some successfully fertilise the female egg and others fail, a new Oxford University collaboration has found.

Computer Science Mar 21
Computer Science

Peer review is a cornerstone of the scientific publishing process but could artificial intelligence help with the process' Computer scientists from the University of Bristol have reviewed how state

Life Sciences - Earth Sciences Mar 22
Life Sciences - Earth Sciences

Living birds have a more crouched leg posture compared to their dinosaurian ancestors, which generally are thought to have moved with straighter limbs - similar to the postures of humans.

Life Sciences - Chemistry Mar 20
Life Sciences - Chemistry

A team of researchers from Queen Mary University of University (QMUL), Francis Crick Institute , Goethe University Frankfurt and University of Tübingen in Germany have developed a novel technology to understand how an important protein connects to other cellular proteins.

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