Natural sciences

Physics - Computer Science Jul 19
A new imaging technique has helped scientists make a breakthrough in how they visualise the directions of magnetisation inside an object. Magnets play a vital role in everyday life, are used in everything from hard drives to energy production, and scientists have already been able to study the structure of thin films of magnetic materials.
Life Sciences - Mathematics Jul 5

Applying a brain stimulation method, which was previously suggested to enhance mathematical learning in healthy adults, may improve the performance of children with mathematical learning difficulties, according to an exploratory study by researchers from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Chemistry - Astronomy Jul 4
Chemistry - Astronomy

Scientists reveal the first detection of a molecule from Enceladus with a ground-based telescope, with implications for the search for life.

Astronomy - Chemistry Jul 4
Astronomy - Chemistry

The Little Cub galaxy (circled) which is being stripped of gas by its larger neighbour. Credit: SDSS Collaboration A primitive galaxy that could provide clues about the early Universe has been spotted by astronomers as it begins to be consumed by a gigantic neighbouring galaxy.

Earth Sciences - Environment Jun 30
Earth Sciences - Environment

Understanding modern biodiversity and extinction threats is important. It is commonly assumed that being large contributes to vulnerability during extinction crises.

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Mathematics - 19.07
Chair in Mathematics (Stochastic Computing and Random Processes) University of Liverpool
Mathematics - 17.07
Professorship of Applied Statistics University of Oxford
Earth Sciences - 10.07
Associate Professor in Human Geography University of Leicester
Mathematics - 06.07
Associate Professorship of Statistics University of Oxford
Mathematics - 16.06
Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics University of Nottingham
Environment - 01.02
Regius Professorship of Ocean Sciences University of Southampton