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Life Sciences - Health - May 24
Life Sciences - Health
Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Natural History Museum in London have reconstructed the evolutionary history of the chelicerates, the mega-diverse group of 110,000 arthropods that includes spiders, scorpions, mites and ticks. They found, for the first time, genomic evidence that mites and ticks do not constitute two distantly related lineages, rather they are part of the same evolutionary line.
Health - Pharmacology - May 23

Researchers at Cardiff and Swansea Universities are running a new trial to investigate whether a medicine currently used for the skin condition psoriasis could also be used to help people with type 1 diabetes produce some of their own insulin.

Health - Life Sciences - May 22

Scientists have helped unravel the link between higher levels of education and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Previous research showed every 3.6 years spent in education can reduce a person's lifetime risk of heart disease by a third.

Health - May 21

A new study led by the University of Bristol will help uncover risk factors and links between self-harm and eating disorders. New funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC) now allows for complex modelling and analysis of Bristol's Children of the 90s questionnaires and clinic data, to further our understanding of factors leading to self harm and eating disorders in children and teenagers.

Health - Life Sciences - May 22
Health - Life Sciences

Although it has been known for a long time, that education, and socioeconomic position affect health, particularly in later life, there was limited knowledge as to why.

Health - May 22

Schools and society as a whole have a role to play in helping young people tackle numerous challenges around their health and wellbeing, researchers say. The School Health Research Network is led by Professor Simon Murphy at Cardiff University and is the largest network of its type in the world.

Health - May 21

Findings published today in the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme's 2018 annual report indicate ongoing concerns about the premature deaths of people with learning disabilities.

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