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Health - Jan 18
Obstetricians, midwives and women who've had babies by Caesarean section are taking part in a new study to find out which technique is best used by the surgeon if the baby's head is found to be stuck in the pelvis at the time of Caesarean delivery. Around 15% of babies are delivered by emergency C-section in the UK and the problem of ‘impacted fetal head' occurs in about 1.5% of these operations - that's around 1,500 babies who have to be manoeuvred very carefully to release their head from the pelvis.
Health - Jan 17

A quarter of all Scottish prisoners have been hospitalised with a traumatic brain injury at some point in their lives, according to new research.

Health - Life Sciences - Jan 17

Rapid blood tests used by the NHS are unable to rule out tuberculosis (TB) and should be replaced with a new, more accurate test, a study has found.

Health - Pharmacology - Jan 17

A new study examining UK housing data and health outcomes has indicated a link between people living in the private rental sector having higher levels of a stress hormone. The findings, led by researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Essex, are published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Health - Jan 15

New research by the University of Bristol in collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs has found that the best trained alert dogs have the potential to vastly improve the quality of life of people living with Type 1 diabetes.

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