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Health - Life Sciences - Jan 17
Rapid blood tests used by the NHS are unable to rule out tuberculosis (TB) and should be replaced with a new, more accurate test, a study has found. In the largest study to date of rapid TB tests used by the NHS, a team led by researchers at Imperial College London found that available tests are not sensitive enough to rule out a diagnosis of TB in suspected cases, and so have limited clinical use.
Life Sciences - Jan 17

Researchers in the Department of Zoology at Oxford University have demonstrated for the first time what effect female fruit flies having multiple partners has on sexual selection - before and after mating.

Life Sciences - Health - Jan 9

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in understanding how a family of viruses, including the norovirus, initiate infections. The new study which includes norovirus and sapoviruses - highly infectious viruses that can cause outbreaks of diarrhoea and vomiting.

Life Sciences - Health - Jan 10
Life Sciences - Health

'Caretaker' cells which support neurons in the brain play more of an active role in circadian rhythms and animal behaviour than previously thought.

Life Sciences - Health - Jan 7
Life Sciences - Health

A growing number of genomic studies have generated important discoveries regarding human health and behaviour, but new research from the University of Oxford suggests that scientific advancement is limited by a lack of diversity.

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