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Health - Life Sciences - May 22
Health - Life Sciences
Although it has been known for a long time, that education, and socioeconomic position affect health, particularly in later life, there was limited knowledge as to why. New research has found that increased levels of BMI, blood pressure and smoking partly explain why people who left school at an earlier age could be at an increased risk of heart disease.
Health - Life Sciences - May 22

Scientists have helped unravel the link between higher levels of education and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Previous research showed every 3.6 years spent in education can reduce a person's lifetime risk of heart disease by a third.

Life Sciences - May 21
Life Sciences

Imperial has been recognised for its openness about the use of animals in research with a Leader in Openness Award from Understanding Animal Research.

Pharmacology - Life Sciences - May 20

For a drug to intervene in cells or entire organs that are not behaving normally, it must first bind to specific protein receptors in the cell membranes. Receptors can change their molecular structure in a multitude of ways during binding - and only the right structure will “unlock” the drug's therapeutic effect.

Physics - Life Sciences - May 21
Physics - Life Sciences

A high-gravity experiment has revealed how cells keep their shape under pressure. Scientists have probed how cells respond to high gravity with a technique that could transform how we look at cellular life.

Life Sciences - Health - May 21
Life Sciences - Health

Following traumatic brain injury (TBI), xenon prevented early death, improved long-term cognition, and protected brain tissue in mice in a new study.

Life Sciences - Health - May 17
Life Sciences - Health

Cancer drug could be repurposed to provide treatment for brain aneurysms, new research suggests. An important class of drug used to treat cancer patients could be used to treat brain aneurysms, according to new research published this week.

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