Medicine and life sciences

Medicine - Innovation Jun 22
Medicine - Innovation
An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide range of health conditions, such as surgical complications or neurodegenerative diseases.
Medicine - Sport Sciences Jun 22
Medicine - Sport Sciences

Significantly high levels of oral disease found among GB's elite athletes is leading to poorer on-field performance, research by UCL's Eastman Dental Institute has concluded.

Life Sciences - Medicine Jun 21

Breakthrough in description of metals in brain which may drive the progression of Alzheimer's disease, made by international research collaboration, including University of Warwick In brains affect

Life Sciences - Medicine Jun 21

Scientists have shed light on DNA 'melting' - a crucial process fundamental to all life. The researchers, from Imperial College London , who used bacteria in their experiments, say these findings may provide new insights into eradicating harmful bugs.

Medicine - Administration Jun 20

A cancer treatment already approved for use in certain types of cancer has been found to block cell growth in a common form of lung cancer for which there is currently no specific treatment available.

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Professorship of Paediatric Neuromuscular Disease University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 22.06
Associate Professor of General Practice University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.06
Climax Professorship of Clinical Therapeutics University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 15.06
Assistant Professor in Medical Education (Teaching & Learning) (Part-time) University of Nottingham
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NHSBT Professorship of Donor Health University of Cambridge
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Clinical Assistant Professor in Small Animal Practice (T&L Track) (2 posts) University of Nottingham
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Professor of Therapeutic Innovation University of Bath
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Professor of Cell Biology of Membrane Proteins (compare) - 59802 University of Birmingham