Medicine and life sciences

Medicine Feb 22
A major study comparing 21 commonly used antidepressants concludes that all are more effective than placebo for the short-term treatment of acute depression in adults, with effectiveness ranging from small to moderate for different drugs.
Medicine Feb 22

A new type of flexible, wearable sensor could help people with chronic conditions like diabetes avoid the discomfort of regular pin-prick blood tests by monitoring the chemical composition of their sweat instead.

Medicine Feb 20

Clocking up just a few minutes at a time of any level of physical activity, including of light intensity, is linked to a lower risk of death in older men, suggests UCL-led research.

Medicine Feb 21

A systematic review of studies focused on stroke survivors' and carers' experiences of primary care and community healthcare services has found that they feel abandoned because they have become marginalised by services and do not have the knowledge or skills to re-engage.

Medicine - Life Sciences Feb 20

Sheets of folded paper, printed with wax, could be the key to developing very low cost diagnostics to improve the health of livestock in in lowto middle-income countries.

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Professor of Social Care Research and Director of PSSRU at Manchester University of Manchester
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