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Medicine - Agronomy Nov 21
Medicine - Agronomy
A new simple test that helps predicts which people with type 2 diabetes will benefit most from weight loss surgery has been developed by a UCL-led team. The study, published today in Diabetic Medicine , also reports that keeping the weight off after bariatric surgery is more important than which type of weight loss operation was done.
Medicine Nov 21

Results from the first placebo-controlled trial in shoulder surgery, suggest that decompression surgery may not be as effective as first thought.

Sport Sciences - Medicine Nov 20
Sport Sciences - Medicine

A video game that enables healthy volunteers to play with patients who have physical impairments may improve their rehabilitation, suggests study.

Medicine - Life Sciences Nov 21
Medicine - Life Sciences

Researchers from the UK and Netherlands have identified five distinct subgroups of eczema, a finding that helps explain how the condition can affect people at different stages of their lives.

Medicine - Life Sciences Nov 17

Researchers at Cardiff University have found a way to boost the cancer-destroying ability of the immune system's T-cells, offering new hope in the fight against a wide range of cancers.

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