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Health - Mechanical Engineering - Jun 18
Health - Mechanical Engineering
Medical trojan horses, bespoke helmets, and wind farm efficiency are some of the projects to receive funding from the Imperial-TUM Collaboration Fund. The fund, backed equally by Imperial and Technical University of Munich as part of their ‘ flagship partnership ', will seed early-stage research activity in healthcare haptics, battery storage, and ideas for a circular economy.
Health - Jun 18

Blood tests that detect inflammation, known as inflammatory marker tests, are not sensitive enough to rule out serious underlying conditions and GPs should not use them for this purpose, according to researchers from the University of Bristol's Centre for Academic Primary Care, University of Exet

Health - Jun 13

Guidelines used by GPs to monitor chronic diseases are based on expert opinion rather than evidence, according to a review of the guidelines by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) researchers at the University of Bristol.

Health - Life Sciences - Jun 10
Health - Life Sciences

Doctors have urged hospitals around the world to reconsider the type of fluids used to treat children gravely ill with sepsis.

Health - Jun 13

The lives of thousands of people with mobility issues could be transformed thanks to ground-breaking research by scientists at the University of Bristol.

Health - Jun 11

Researchers at the University of Bristol are about to delve deeper into the relationship between dads and their new baby. It's all part of an initiative funded by the Wellcome Trust to know more about the role of fathers in child development, including families where the mother has experienced mental health difficulties.

Health - Pharmacology - Jun 10

Millions of patients with incurable breast cancer could benefit from Welsh-led research which shows it is possible to control the cancer for twice as long by combing an investigational therapy with standard treatment.

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Kidani Professor of Immuno-Oncology University of Oxford
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Professor or Reader of Cancer Imaging University of York
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Assistant Professor University of Nottingham
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Professor / Associate Professor in Stem Cell Science University College London