Medicine and life sciences

Life Sciences - Medicine Sep 21
Researchers from Oxford have been using virtual reality software to compile genetic data to create models which explain how genes are controlled within their natural chromosomal environments.
Life Sciences - Medicine Sep 20
Life Sciences - Medicine

Researchers have used genome editing technology to reveal the role of a key gene in human embryos in the first few days of development.

Life Sciences - Medicine Sep 18

Cells can be programmed like a computer to fight cancer, influenza and other serious health conditions - breakthrough research by University of Warwick Common molecule found in humans, plants and a

Social Sciences - Medicine Sep 20

New research suggests that both good and bad moods can be ‘picked up' from friends, but depression can't.

Psychology - Medicine Sep 15
Psychology - Medicine

Treating insomnia with online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) could reduce mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and paranoia, according to research.

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Nuffield Professorship of Clinical Medicine University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 19.09
Professor of Epidemiology University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 15.09
Assistant Professor University of Nottingham
Medicine/Pharmacology - 14.09
Assistant Professor in Evidence Based Dermatology University of Nottingham
Medicine/Pharmacology - 12.09
Associate Professor in Biostatistics University of Leicester
Medicine/Pharmacology - 08.09
Chair / Associate Professor in Medical Oncology University of Leicester
Medicine/Pharmacology - 25.08
Chair in Obstetrics / Honorary Consultant University of Leicester
Life Sciences - 23.08
Senior Lecturer / Reader (Associate Professor) University of Bath
Medicine/Pharmacology - 22.08
Chair in Child Health / Honorary Consultant in Paediatrics University of Leicester
Computer Science/Telecom - 03.08
Professor / Reader/Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning University of Manchester
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