Medicine and life sciences

Medicine - Oct 18
Providing nurse-led care for people suffering with the painful, long-term condition gout could lead to an increase in the number of patients sticking to a beneficial treatment plan, a clinical trial has revealed.
Medicine - Psychology - Oct 18

Scientists have gained new insights into how the 'master regulator' of reproduction affects men's brains.

Medicine - History - Oct 17

The most common form of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) originated in Europe and spread to Asia, Africa and the Americas with European explorers and colonialists, reveals a new study led by UCL and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Medicine - Oct 17

The world's first functional oesophagus engineered from stem cells has been grown and successfully transplanted into mice, as part of a pioneering new study led by UCL.

Medicine - Life Sciences - Oct 17

A newly discovered role for the enzyme glutamine synthetase could have important implications for developing anti-cancer drugs according to a new UCL study.

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Life Sciences - 18.10
Barclay-Williams Professorship of Molecular Immunology University of Oxford
Life Sciences - 18.10
Associate Professor of Experimental Pathology University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 17.10
Professor of Clinical Trial Statistics University of Manchester
Medicine/Pharmacology - 16.10
Chair in Oral Health Sciences University College London
Life Sciences - 10.10
Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 09.10
Professor / Senior Clinician in Veterinary Oncology University of Glasgow
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Marks and Spencer Professorship of Farm Animal Health, Food Science And Safety University of Cambridge
Medicine/Pharmacology - 05.09
Assistant / Associate Professor University of Nottingham
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