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Health - Feb 21
Since the early 2000s Venezuela has faced severe economic crisis caused by political instability and declining oil revenue. In particular, public health provision has suffered with an exodus of trained medical professionals and long-term shortages in medicines and medical supplies. As a result the country, which was once a leader in public health policies and disease control in Latin America, is now facing a re-emergence of many deadly diseases on a scale scientists describe as “an epidemic of unprecedented proportions”.
Life Sciences - Health - Feb 21
Life Sciences - Health

Palaeobiologists from the University of Bristol have shed new light on a jaw-snapping species of prehistoric worm using half-a-billion-year-old fossils kept at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

Health - Feb 21

Researchers have developed new robotic sensor technology that has the capability to diagnose women's reproductive health problems in real-time. The technology, developed by researchers at Imperial College London and The University of Hong Kong , can be used to measure hormones that affect fertility, sexual development and menstruation more quickly and cheaply than current methods.

Health - Pharmacology - Feb 21

A large clinical trial involving people with acute kidney injury has found that a new package of interventions can significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients, as well as improving their care experience.

Pharmacology - Health - Feb 20

New findings by researchers at Cardiff University suggest that intensive therapy during the early stages of multiple sclerosis (MS) leads to better long-term outcomes for patients, despite it often being viewed as a riskier option than other first line treatments.

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