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Medicine - Life Sciences - Aug 16
16 August 2018 Patients suffering sudden liver failure could in the future benefit from a new treatment that could reduce the need for transplants, research published today shows. The study by scientists at University of Edinburgh MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute in Glasgow, and the University of Bristol, is published in Science Translational Medicine.
Medicine - Aug 15

New research, published in the European Heart Journal has shown deaths from conditions that affect the blood supply to the brain, such as stroke, are declining overall in Europe but that in some countries the decline is levelling off or death rates are even increasing.

Life Sciences - Medicine - Aug 15

Circadian rhythms are regular 24-hour variations in behaviour and activity that control many aspects of our lives, from hormone levels to sleeping and eating habits.

Medicine - Event - Aug 15

UofG scientists are set to receive 3m funding to help more patients survive a rare form of blood cancer.

Medicine - Life Sciences - Aug 15

A non-invasive technique to electrically simulate the brain and wearable sensors could lead to better treatments of brain disorders, say experts.

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The Mary Kinross Trust & RCS Chair in Surgical Trials & Health Sciences University of York
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Associate Professor of Neuroscience University of Oxford
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Professor of Primary Care Research University of Manchester
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