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    Business/Economics - 16.07
    Associate Professor in Accounting University of Nottingham
    Business/Economics - 15.07
    Associate Professor in Economics University College London
    Computer Science/Telecom - 15.07
    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Artificial Intelligence University of Bath
    Life Sciences - 13.07
    Associate Professor of Physiological Metabolism University of Oxford
    Religions - 13.07
    Man Professorship of Quantitative Finance University of Oxford
    Electroengineering - 13.07
    Associate Professorship of Engineering Science (Digital Electronics) University of Oxford
    Health - 13.07
    Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology University of Oxford
    Health - 13.07
    Kidani Professor of Immuno-Oncology University of Oxford
    Life Sciences - 13.07
    Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry University of Oxford
    Linguistics/Literature - 13.07
    Jesus Professorship of Celtic University of Oxford
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