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EmployerUniversity of Glasgow
WorkplaceGlasgow, Scotland, UK
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To provide outstanding academic leadership and further enhance the School’s international profile in Energy Engineering by building an internationally leading research group; delivering research-led education; reaching out to stakeholders, and leading academic developments in the School of Engineering and the College of Science & Engineering administration as required by the Head of School. The University wishes to promote and grow a multidisciplinary research portfolio and fully engage with societal changes as identified by major funding bodies.

1. Provide outstanding academic leadership and strategic vision and direction in the development of research and teaching, including participating in the recruitment and appointment of academic staff and subsequent staff mentoring, at all times inspiring the highest standards of research performance within the field of Energy Engineering..

2. Lead and sustain research of international standing in Energy Engineering, by self and others, by planning and coordinating research activities, providing research leadership and setting research direction in line with School and College strategy.

3. Lead a portfolio of individual and/or joint funded research projects and develop strategies to secure the funding required to underpin the long-term growth of the Energy Engineering activity.

4. Sustain an extensive track record of published research of the highest international quality, and present the research at leading national and international conferences, maintaining the University’s international reputation in the field and enhancing the profiles of the School, the College and the University.

5. Take a leadership role in exploring and developing synergies across the Research Divisions in the School, collaborating with appropriate individuals, groups and multi-disciplinary collaborations within the School, across the College of Science & Engineering and across the University, providing intellectual leadership in taking forward initiatives.

6. Undertake teaching, supervision and assessment of engineering courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Supervise and mentor research students and junior members of staff and ensure their effective development.

7. Take a leading role in ongoing curriculum development to meet the changing needs of students, graduates, employers, the profession and wider society, and in support of a research-led approach to student learning.

8. Proactively build links and develop successful interaction with other relevant external organisations in the field of Energy Engineering research. Develop external research collaborations with international research groups, including multi-disciplinary collaborations ensuring the research activities are at the forefront of the field; lead and participate in exchange programmes and support the University’s strategy for internationalization.

9. Engage in external academic activities (presentation of Keynote Lectures, External Examining, membership of journal editorial boards, membership of national or international committees, etc), to enhance the national and international reputations of the School, the College, and the University.

10. Contribute to the management and administrative duties of the School, College and University, as allocated by the Heads of School and College, contributing a significant leadership element.

11. Engage in Knowledge Transfer activities

12 Contribute to the enhancement of the University’s international profile in line with the University’s Strategic Plan, Inspiring People, Changing the world
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13. Engage in personal and professional development as appropriate.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience


A1 A good first degree in a relevant discipline.
A2 A PhD (or equivalent) in physics, engineering or cognate field.
A3 Internationally-leading knowledge in a competitive field of research within Energy Engineering.
A4 Comprehensive and current knowledge of research within discipline and specialism
A5 Distinction in scholarship and research

B1 Membership of learned societies.


C1 Demonstrated ability, drive, vision and organisational skills to contribute to lead the development of a research group and to provide strategic and operational leadership to colleagues in the delivery of high quality research and teaching.
C2 Demonstrated ability to secure research funding, lead a research team and further develop an international research profile.
C3 Ability to develop taught courses and to teach effectively at undergraduate and taught postgraduate level across Engineering discipline.
C4 Ability to lead curriculum development in well-chosen topics with wide international appeal in energy engineering.
C5 Ability to provide leadership and mentoring of other academic staff members.
C6 Ability to provide effective supervision of research students and research staff.
C7 Ability to interact effectively with relevant industry and to develop research and teaching activities of benefit to the University.
C8 Ability to communicate with others both orally and in writing in an appropriate range of contexts.
C9 Demonstrated ability to work effectively and collegiately with internal colleagues and external collaborators. across a multi-disciplinary environment.
C10 Outstanding interpersonal and presentation skills and ability to enthuse students.
C11 Excellent time/project/budget management skills
C12 Proven people skills, with demonstrable ability to manage difficult situations, including staffing situations.

D1 Ability and willingness to take on appropriate managerial and administrative roles within the School and College, including development of strategy.
D2 Ability and willingness to take on a significant role in the inter-university and inter-school activities.


E1 An established strong national and international reputation in a field of research within Energy Engineering, with potential for significant further growth in the research field and substantial future funding opportunities. The research field should also fit with the strategic plans of the University. See:
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E2 An established track record of highly-cited publications in leading international journals or equivalent.
E3 An established record of gaining considerable research grant funding or equivalent in a competitive environment.
E4 Significant experience of delivering and leading teaching at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level in engineering or a cognate discipline.
E5 Experience of supervising staff and/or students and of providing leadership to others.
E6 Extensive experience of successfully managing research projects and grants.
E7 Proven record of extensive academic, research and management leadership.

F1 An established track record of interaction with industry, employers, Government and policy makers in the Energy field.
F2 Experience of leading or participating in national or international collaborative research projects.
F3 Contributions to scientific/learned societies


Contribute to the leadership of Energy Engineering in the School of Engineering.
Principal Investigator on significant research grants.
Responsible for the supervision of research students and research staff.
Develop and deliver taught courses at postgraduate and undergraduate level.
Mentoring academic staff as appropriate.
Development of other external links and performance of appropriate external academic or professional activities.
Managerial and administrative tasks as allocated by the Heads of School and College.

Planning and Organising

Strategic planning of development of research, including research directions, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities, staff appointments, funding opportunities, etc.
Planning and development of research proposals, including reacting to research funding opportunities.
Planning and organisation of personal research and of research undertaken by directly supervised research staff and students.
Planning of taught programmes and development of curricula, including as appropriate activities related to the University’s quality assurance procedures.
Detailed planning and preparation of those taught courses for which given specific responsibility, including intended learning objectives, syllabus, lectures, tutorials, lab/design/project activities and assessment (exams and coursework).
Planning and organisation of interactions with industrial partners, and maximising mutually beneficial collaborations between industry and the University.
Effective organisational skills to manage time and prioritise as appropriate managerial/leadership activities, research activities, teaching activities, administrative activities and external/professional activities.

Decision Making

Decisions on strategic development of Energy Engineering.
Decisions on research direction and funding applications.
Decisions related to supervision of research students and staff and their progress and directions.
Decisions relating to research dissemination (journal papers, conferences, external meetings, etc).
Decisions related to format, curricula and marketing of taught programmes
Decisions related to course content, intended learning outcomes, assessment methods, marking schemes, etc for individual courses.
Responsibility for organisation of resources, as appropriate.

Internal/External Relationships

To fulfil the administrative requirements within the structures of the University for completion of teaching, research and line-management responsibilities.

To demonstrate high esteem both academically and professionally by, for example, national and international external examinations, engagement with learned societies or working with government agencies.

Problem Solving

To demonstrate good judgment in the assessment and resolution of academic and business affairs pertaining to teaching, research and line-management responsibilities.

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