Medicine - Psychology Feb 22
Medicine - Psychology
New UCL research has found no link between cat ownership and psychotic symptoms, casting doubt on previous suggestions that people who grew up with cats are at higher risk of mental illness. Recent research has suggested that cat ownership might contribute to some mental disorders, because cats are the primary host of the common parasite Toxoplasma Gondii (T.
Medicine - Psychology Feb 14
Medicine - Psychology

New University of Liverpool research - published today in The Lancet Public Health  – shows that children who move into poverty are more likely to suffer from social, emotional and behavioural problems than children who remain out of poverty.

Environment - Psychology Jan 23
Environment - Psychology

New research finds that misinformation on climate change can psychologically cancel out the influence of accurate statements.

Psychology - Life Sciences Jan 26
Psychology - Life Sciences

Children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their brothers or sisters, according to new research from the University of Cambridge.

Physics - Psychology Jan 5
Physics - Psychology

The largest-ever smartphone-based study examining the relationship between physical activity and happiness has found that even minimal levels of activity can have a positive effect on happiness.

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