Psychology - Health - Nov 27
Training domestic violence and abuse (DVA) advocates to deliver psychological support to women experiencing DVA could significantly improve the health of those affected. In a randomised controlled trial led by researchers from the University of Bristol, women who received the intervention showed reduced symptoms of psychological distress, depression and post-traumatic stress compared to those who received just advocacy.
Politics - Psychology - Nov 27
Politics - Psychology

Complex systems theory is usually used to study things like the immune system, global climate, ecosystems, transportation or communications systems.

Psychology - Life Sciences - Nov 12
Psychology - Life Sciences

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have completed the world's largest ever study of typical sex differences and autistic traits.

Psychology - Nov 23

Days after a plea was issued to Government for ‘mental health first aid' (MHFA) to become mandatory, new research led by University of Nottingham academics highlights “significant issues around the lack of clarity with boundaries and potential safety concerns”.

Psychology - Health - Nov 8
Psychology - Health

Wanting your child to have the best chance in life is natural for any parent. But by focusing too much on the 'skill' of parenting, are we losing sight of things that matter more - how we talk to and play with children?

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