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Law - Linguistics - Oct 19, 2017
The famed “bloodless death” of a landmark British poet in the Great War has been investigated by experts from the Humanities and Sciences a century after his death, in a new project undertaken at Cardiff University. Biographical and critical works about Edward Thomas (1878 - 1917) often refer to his “bloodless death”, a story that emerged following his death aged just 39 at the Battle of Arras on Easter Monday in 1917.
Linguistics - Jun 30, 2017

Picture overload hinders children learning new words in storybooks, study finds. Less is more when it comes to helping children learn new vocabulary from picture books, according to a new study.

Linguistics - Jun 13, 2016

Women's expectations now more closely match reality and as a result these more closely match the expectations of men. Paradox of “contented female worker” has vanished as there is no longer a job satisfaction gap between men and women.

Linguistics - History - Feb 10, 2017
Linguistics - History

A new, historically accurate portrait of the most admired and revered romantic leading man in literary history, Fitzwilliam Darcy, has been unveiled for the first time, following new research co-led by QMUL's Professor Amanda Vickery.

Linguistics - May 11, 2016

A new online schools resource and app, all about metaphor, have been launched by researchers at the School of Critical Studies at the University of Glasgow. The materials aim to “open the minds” of secondary school pupils, “put ideas into their heads” and “build up” their knowledge of the English language - metaphorically speaking.

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