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Medicine - Psychology Nov 16
Medicine - Psychology
Adolescents whose fathers have depressive symptoms are more likely to experience symptoms of depression themselves, finds a new study led by UCL researchers. While the link between mothers' depression and depression in their children is well-established, the new Lancet Psychiatry study is the first to find an association between depression in fathers and their teenaged children, independent of whether the mother has depression, in a large sample in the general population.
Social Sciences - Life Sciences Nov 15

New research sheds light on how social networks can evolve by showing that complex social patterns observed across the animal kingdom may be simpler than they appear.

Social Sciences Nov 10
Social Sciences

Children and adolescents who are regularly confronted with violence in their communities have a greater tendency to show antisocial behaviour according to the authors of a new study published in the journal Frontiers of Behavioral Neuroscience .

Medicine - Social Sciences Nov 13
Medicine - Social Sciences

People excluded from mainstream society in high-income countries have a tenfold increased risk of early death, according to research from UCL, homeless health charity Pathway and an international team of experts.

Life Sciences - Psychology Nov 2
Life Sciences - Psychology

Horses can read our body language, even when they don't know us. Horses can tell the difference between dominant and submissive body postures in humans, even when the humans are not familiar to them, according to a new University of Sussex-led study.

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