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Pedagogy Mar 28
If at first you don't succeed: Why repetition may hold key to helping children with specific language impairment. Simple repetition learning techniques could help young children struggling with language to learn vocabulary faster, according to the latest research from scientists from the UK and Germany.
Religions - Social Sciences Mar 24

A new study examines all robust, available data on how fearful we are of what happens once we shuffle off this mortal coil.

Social Sciences - Psychology Mar 16

Research has revealed that the more often people eat with others the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their lives.

Psychology - Careers Mar 20
Psychology - Careers

Reproducibility is the idea that an experiment can be repeated by another scientist and they will get the same result.

Medicine - Psychology Mar 16

Improving your sleep makes you feel as good as a lottery winner – leading to high levels of health and wellbeing over time - say University of Warwick psychologists Quality of sleep more impo

Currently 88 jobs in fields History/Philosophy, Arts and Design, Literature/linguistic, Psychology, Pedagogy/Education Science, Social Sciences, Media Sciences/Political Sciences, Law/forensics.
Selected Jobs
Business/Economics - 28.03
Professors in Human Resource Management/ Organisational Behaviour Aston University
Social Sciences - 21.03
Professor and Associate Dean International University of Dundee
Business/Economics - 20.03
Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professorship of Business and Development University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 17.03
Associate Professorship of Social Demography (Grade 10a) University of Oxford
Psychology - 15.03
Chair in Forensic Psychology - 56705 University of Birmingham
Social Sciences - 14.03
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Social Work University of Bath
Pedagogy/Education Science - 10.03
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) University of Bath
Social Sciences - 09.03
Associate Professorship of Social Demography University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 09.03
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Social Work University of Leeds
Social Sciences - 07.03
Associate Professorship in the Anthropology of South Asia University of Oxford