Life Sciences - Architecture Mar 21
Life Sciences - Architecture
Using a satnav to get to your destination 'switches off' parts of the brain that would otherwise be used to simulate different routes, reveals new UCL research. The study, published and funded by Wellcome, involved 24 volunteers navigating a simulation of Soho in central London while undergoing brain scans.
Environment - Architecture Apr 1

New opportunities to fight climate change in these properties are coming from an unlikely source: the commercial property lease.

Architecture - Administration Feb 13

o University research could shape Government housing policy - o Study reveals inflexible parking on new estates leads to tension between neighbours - o Research recommends wider streets with room f

Architecture - Business Jan 19

The University of Nottingham has developed a novel and easy-to-use test for measuring the airtightness of buildings in order to help eliminate draughts, improve energy efficiency and reduce heating bills.

Architecture - Business Jul 2

Many homes with poor energy efficiency are actually consuming far less energy than predicted, new research has found.

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