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Agronomy - Medicine Feb 23
Agronomy - Medicine
People who suffer long-term stress may also be more prone to obesity, according to research by scientists at UCL which involved examining hair samples for levels of cortisol, a hormone which regulates the body's response to stress.
Agronomy Feb 20

Child obesity ‘35-40%' inherited from parents, study finds. Around 35-40 per cent of a child's BMI – how fat or thin they are – is inherited from their parents, a new study has found.

Life Sciences - Agronomy Feb 2
Life Sciences - Agronomy

Ancient DNA analyses show that - unlike elsewhere in Europe - farmers from the Near East did not overtake hunter-gatherer populations in the Baltic.

Medicine - Agronomy Feb 10
Medicine - Agronomy

Researchers find link between a high fat diet, obesity and cardiovascular disease risk. Obesity and a diet high in fat could lead to a harmful activation of the immune system, increasing a person's risk of heart disease, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Life Sciences - Agronomy Feb 1
Life Sciences - Agronomy

In contrast to Western Europeans, new research finds contemporary East Asians are genetically much closer to the ancient hunter-gatherers that lived in the same region eight thousand years previously.

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