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Life Sciences - Agronomy - Nov 14
Researchers at the University of Glasgow are collaborating with Malawian scientists to try to find out why some people in Malawi develop type 2 diabetes - even though many are slim and highly active.
Life Sciences - Agronomy - Nov 6

Introducing a health tax on red and processed meat could prevent more than 220,000 deaths and save over US$40 billion in healthcare costs every year, new Oxford University research suggests.

Computer Science - Agronomy - Sep 18

New findings suggest that more intensive agriculture might be the "least bad" option for feeding the world while saving its species - provided use of such "land-efficient" systems prevents further conversion of wilderness to farmland.

Life Sciences - Agronomy - Sep 27

Replacing food with a diet of soups, shakes and bars starting at 810 calories per day alongside regular sessions with a counsellor is a safe and clinically effective way to treat obesity in primary care, finds a study from Oxford University researchers.

Computer Science - Agronomy - Sep 17

New research involving dairy experts at the University of Nottingham suggests that more intensive agriculture might be the ‘least bad' option for feeding the world, while saving its species