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Social Sciences - Jul 19
The more strongly someone agrees with the ideas of revolutionary left-wing groups, the more likely they are to sympathise with violent extremism, finds a first of-its-kind study. The new report , by academics at the University of Bristol, Goldsmiths and King's College London, used an innovative survey to measure sympathy for violent extremism and alignment with values similar to those promoted by revolutionary left-wing groups.
Pedagogy - Jun 28

A new report highlights the need for better data on migrant deaths and disappearances, particularly those of missing migrant children.

Pedagogy - Jun 27

Too little sunlight - and specifically UVB exposure - in pregnancy has been linked with a higher risk of learning disabilities. In a new study looking at more than 422,500 school-age children from across Scotland, researchers found that low UVB exposure during pregnancy was associated with risk of learning disabilities.

Social Sciences - Jun 27

A unique new project led by the University of Bristol has received a 960,000 boost to improve integration across Bristol by exploring how its citizens and communities share spaces and move around the city.

Social Sciences - Jun 25

A report aiming to improve safeguarding in international development research has been produced by Sussex academics after they were commissioned by the UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR).

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Research Assistant in the Anthropology of Smart Phones and Smart Ageing University College London
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Pre-sessional English Language Tutor Royal Holloway University of London
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Research Development Manager (Social Sciences) University of Nottingham