History - May 16
Scientists from the University of Bristol have uncovered, for the first time, definitive evidence that determines what types of food medieval peasants ate and how they managed their animals. Using chemical analysis of pottery fragments and animal bones found at one of England's earliest medieval villages, combined with detailed examination of a range of historical documents and accounts, the research has revealed the daily diet of peasants in the Middle Ages.
Linguistics - May 16

A University of Bristol academic appears to have succeeded where countless cryptographers, linguistics scholars and computer programs have failed - by cracking the code of the 'world's most mysterious text', the Voynich manuscript.

Music - Apr 26

Music and mindful music listening may help people who have suffered strokes recover their impaired cognitive abilities more effectively, new research suggests.

Law - Apr 29

UK designers are less likely to seek legal action if someone copies their work compared with the rest of Europe, according to new research. Experts at the University of Nottingham tested the effectiveness of design case law in the 28 member states of the EU.

Religions - Apr 8

Drivers using a pioneering app to gather information on modern slavery in hand car washes made more than 900 reports of potential cases over a five-month period, according to research published today.

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History/Archeology - 17.07
Terra Foundation for American Art Visiting Professorship University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 17.07
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Central Eurasian Bronze Age University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 17.07
Departmental Lecturer in Chinese Archaeology (maternity cover) University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 17.07
Part-time Project Co-ordinator University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 17.07
Departmental Lecturer in African History University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 17.07
Departmental Lecturer in the History of Art University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 11.07
Senior Archaeologist - Archaeological Conservator University College London
History/Archeology - 08.07
Lecturer In Medieval Literature (Fixed Term) University of Durham
History/Archeology - 04.07
Teaching Fellow in Medieval History University of Leeds