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Environment - Jul 10
Top male biathletes are more attractive to the opposite sex, according to a new study by scientists at the universities of Exeter and Bristol. This result, say the team, fits with the theory that women have an evolved preference for more athletic men, who in past times were better able to provide for their families.
Environment - Jul 8

The chemistry of drip waters that form stalagmites and stalactites in caves around the world have given researchers an insight into our past climate.

Earth Sciences - Jun 25

The findings of a research expedition to coastal Greenland which examined, for the first time, how melting ice is affecting supplies of nutrients to the oceans has been published in the journal Progress in Oceanography.

Palaeontology - Jun 26

Examining fossilised pigments, scientists from the University of Bristol have uncovered new insights into blue colour tones in prehistoric birds.

Environment - Jun 24

New research led by climate scientists from the University of Bristol suggests that the representation of clouds in climate models is as, or more, important than the amount of greenhouse gas emissions when it comes to projecting future Greenland ice sheet melt.

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