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Business - Jun 27
The hotter the day the more likely US immigration judges are to make harsher decisions - a new study by the universities of Ottawa, Canada and Sussex, England can reveal. The study, published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics , analyses the impact of outdoor temperatures on high-stakes decisions made in 207,000 US immigration cases.
Business - Jun 10

Garden centres need to provide more information about bee-friendly plants, according to new research.

Business - May 16

16 May 2019 As the UK heads towards a cashless society, experts have warned changes to infrastructure - including easy access to free ATMs - are leaving some of the most deprived communities behind.

Career - Business - Apr 18

Privately educated, white, male graduates are more likely to be recruited to senior roles and be paid higher wages by elite multinational firms, new research shows. Those educated privately are twice as likely to earn higher starting wages than state educated graduates, according to the study involving Durham University.

Business - May 30

When Sandie Read was diagnosed with dementia at 57, she felt a mixture of fear, anxiety and depression.

Career - Business - Apr 25
Career - Business

Companies with fewer levels of management such as legal, accountancy and investment banking firms could be up to five times more susceptible to corruption than similar sized organisations with a ta

Business - Apr 12

People's feelings about their own financial situation had the greatest influence on them voting to leave the EU, according to new research which challenges the widely-held belief that it was the old and unhappy who swung the Brexit vote.

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