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Business - Careers Sep 11
Business - Careers
Failure to monitor outsourced recruitment is resulting in companies inadvertently employing victims of modern slavery, according to new research led by our School of Management. Interview - The research, conducted with the University of Sheffield, suggests that layers of outsourcing, subcontracting and informal hiring of temporary staff are to blame.
Medicine - Business Aug 24
Medicine - Business

Researchers have shown that living near newly built roads in Ethiopia is associated with higher rates of infant mortality.

Business - Careers Aug 9
Business - Careers

A call for more menopause-friendly workplaces is made in a new Government report prepared by a team from the Universities of Bristol and Leicester.

Business - Social Sciences Aug 23

People who are 'extraverted' and on low incomes buy more luxury goods than their introverted peers to compensate for the experience of low financial status, finds new UCL research.

Computer Science - Business Aug 8

Understanding a cybercriminal's backstory - where they live, what they do and who they know, is key to cracking cybercrime, new research suggests.

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Business/Economics - 20.09
Associate Professorship in Finance University of Oxford
Business/Economics - 13.09
Professor of Marketing University of Southampton
Business/Economics - 08.09
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Accounting and Finance University of Bath
Computer Science/Telecom - 31.08
Atkins - Cranfield Professor / Reader in Cyber-Secure Eng Systems & Processes Cranfield University
Computer Science/Telecom - 25.08
Chair in Cyber Security University of Lancaster
Business/Economics - 23.08
Chair in Combinatorics - 57874 University of Birmingham
Business/Economics - 22.08
Professor of Practice in Engineering Business Management University of Bath
Business/Economics - 17.08
Associate / Assistant Professor in Special and Inclusive Education University of Nottingham
Business/Economics - 15.08
Chair in Finance University of Nottingham

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