Psychology Dec 10
Study finds people in areas historically reliant on coal-based industries have more 'negative' personality traits. Psychologists suggest this cognitive die may well have been cast at the dawn of the industrial age.
Medicine Dec 8

Social stress factors such as loneliness and being unemployed, in addition to conventional risks such as smoking and high blood pressure, are associated with higher risks of developing heart disease, according to a new UCL-led study.

Astronomy Dec 7

A space mission to test how objects fall in a vacuum has released its first results, providing an improved foundation for Einstein's famous theory.

Life Sciences Dec 8

People with major depressive disorder have alterations in the activity and connectivity of brain systems underlying reward and memory, according to a new study by the University of Warwick.

History Dec 7

New insights into the life and mysterious death of Jumbo the elephant - a celebrity animal superstar whose story is said to have inspired the film ‘Dumbo' - will be revealed in a BBC One documen