Sport Sciences Apr 23
Sport Sciences
Football makes fans less happy. The pain felt by football fans after a defeat is more than double the joy of winning, according to researchers at the University of Sussex. The team analysed three million responses from 32,000 people on a smartphone app called Mappiness, which periodically asks users how they are feeling, what they are doing, where they are and who they are with.
Medicine Apr 23

Making tiny changes to existing diabetes treatments can alter how they interact with cells, and potentially make the medicines more effective.

Life Sciences Apr 20
Life Sciences

A new study co-authored by Daniel Streiker, from the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, and led by researchers from Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Cop

Medicine Apr 20

The less commonly prescribed opioid substitute buprenorphine may be safer than methadone for problem opioid users, especially if used during the first month of treatment, according to a study by re

Environment Apr 20

The density of barriers in European rivers is much higher than indicated by available databases - up to one barrier in every kilometre of river, according to a new study.

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