Psychology Dec 14
Digital screen use is a staple of contemporary life for adults and children, whether they are browsing on laptops and smartphones, or watching TV. Paediatricians and scientists have long expressed concerns about the impact of overusing technology on people's wellbeing.
Life Sciences Dec 14

o Previously unknown functions of natural killer cells identified o Cells remodel and 'refresh' the lining of the womb in preparation for pregnancy o Process isn't always balanced in each cycle o C

History Dec 14

New image brings people face to face with Seventeenth Century Scottish soldier.

Life Sciences Dec 14
Life Sciences

A UCL-led research team has identified a rare mutation that causes one family to have unusually low sensitivity to pain.

Life Sciences Dec 13

Researchers from Cardiff University's Otter Project have discovered that genetically distinct populations of wild otters from across the UK have their own regional odours for communicating vital information to each other.