Life Sciences Jul 19
Life Sciences
The Earth is filled with diverse and remarkable plant forms from the tallest redwoods that pierce forest canopies, to the smallest mosses that blanket the ground underfoot. However, these striking forms came from much simpler origins. The ancestors of land plants were string-like (2D), aquatic green algae that looked very different from the three-dimensional (3D), upright stems and leaves of plants we are familiar with today.
Environment Jul 19

Workers' rights should be at the heart of global sustainable development, says new report. (17 July 2018) Workers' rights should be placed at the heart of global efforts to improve sustainable development, according to a new international study.

Chemistry Jul 18

A new type of artificial-intelligence-driven chemistry could revolutionise the way molecules are discovered, scientists claim.

Medicine Jul 19

Using adrenaline in cardiac arrests results in less than 1% more people leaving hospital alive - but nearly doubles the survivors' risk of severe brain damage A clinical trial of the use of adrenaline

Religions Jul 18

New research measuring the importance of religion in 109 countries spanning the entire 20th century has reignited an age-old debate around the link between secularisation and economic growth.

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