Medicine Aug 31
A team of researchers led by Cardiff University has discovered a promising new drug treatment for cocaine addiction. The experimental therapy, which involves administering a drug currently used in cancer therapy trials, treats cocaine addiction by inhibiting memories responsible for cravings.
Medicine Aug 31

People are being warned to take the current trend for ‘pink' chicken liver recipes with a pinch of salt.

Earth Sciences Aug 30
Earth Sciences

The greatest threat to sustainable groundwater in the Indo-Gangetic Basin is contamination and not depletion, according to a study co-authored by UCL researchers and published this week .

Life Sciences Aug 30
Life Sciences

An international study involving UCL has made advances in understanding the ways in which genetic risk factors alter gene function in schizophrenia.

Medicine Aug 30

A research team, led by Cardiff University, has made a significant step towards the development of a simple blood test to predict the onset of Alzheimer's disease.