Environment - Oct 16
UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Mediterranean such as Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Medieval City of Rhodes are under severe threat of coastal erosion and flooding due to rising sea levels within the next 100 years, a study published in Nature magazine reports this week.
Life Sciences - Oct 15
Life Sciences

Surgeons could soon eavesdrop on a patient's brain activity during surgery to remove their brain tumour, helping improve the accuracy of the operation and reduce the risk of impairing brain function.

Chemistry - Oct 15

15 October 2018 Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and modifying amino acids chemically allows scientists to develop new molecules that can provide the starting point for developing new medical treatments such as antibiotics.

Life Sciences - Oct 15

PA 204/18 Adopting a more local and flexible approach to sustainable development could be key to boosting the productivity of small-scale farms in Africa, a study involving researchers at the University of Nottingham has found.

Medicine - Oct 15

Cardiff University has opened a brand new facility with the capacity to hold up to a million biological samples for medical research.

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