Life Sciences May 18
Veterans often suffer brain injuries that impair hearing. As part of Deaf Awareness Week, Caroline Brogan spoke to an expert on the subject. In the UK, 300,000 veterans live with hearing loss. Ex-service personnel under the age of 75 are three and a half times more likely than the general population to report difficulty hearing.
Life Sciences May 18
Life Sciences

New research from the University of Bristol has highlighted how little we know about giraffe behaviour and ecology.

Medicine May 18

A team of researchers, led by Cardiff University, has developed methodology for closely studying pig T cell responses to influenza for the first time, giving them a new way of developing vaccines that can be effective against all strains of flu in pigs, birds and humans.

Medicine May 18

Scientists and designers have teamed up with young people living with HIV, to create a garden at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show to highlight the successes and challenges still faced by young people living with HIV.

Medicine May 17

Women with HIV are failing to get the support they need during menopause, according to a new study led by UCL.

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