Medicine Jul 22
Intestinal parasites as well as goods were carried by travellers on iconic route, say researchers examining ancient latrine.
Medicine Jul 22

People with long term health conditions who have a history of going to the GP frequently over two or more years could benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy according to new research at The University of Nottingham.

Medicine Jul 21

Piers Mitchell (Department of Biological Anthropology) discusses what we can learn from rummaging around in 2,000-year-old toilets.

Law Jul 21

A new detailed study of notes and sketches by Leonardo da Vinci has identified a page of scribbles in a tiny notebook as the place where Leonardo first recorded the laws of friction.

Life Sciences Jul 21
Life Sciences

An Imperial engineer talks about her work on an international project to understand how the brain is wired. Dr Emma Robinson , from the Department of Computing at Imperial, talks to Colin Smith about her work in brain imaging and how it is contributing to The Human Connectome Project.