Life Sciences Aug 16
Life Sciences
A new test to show the properties of biologically important enzymes could help to streamline development of new treatments. “Twinkle, twinkle, little kinase. How I wonder what form you are…” It may not make for the best nursery rhyme, but an approach that sees proteins ‘twinkle' like stars in the night sky is providing new insight into an important class of enzymes involved in disease.
Earth Sciences Aug 15
Earth Sciences

A 'Frankenstein's monster' dinosaur may be the missing link between two major dinosaur groups, plugging what was previously a big gap between them.

Life Sciences Aug 14

A world-first study has found that lip-reading may have a beneficial effect on the brain and on a person's ability to hear with a cochlear implant, contrary to what was previously believed.

Medicine Aug 15

Carrying extra weight could raise your risk of heart attack by more than a quarter, even if you are otherwise healthy.

Environment Aug 14

A new study, led by the University of Bristol, has shed new light on the origin, timing and habitat in which the chloroplast first evolved.