Medicine Oct 24
New research from the University of Liverpool highlights problems impacting on the cognitive development of children in sub-Saharan Africa. Cognitive function includes a wide range of processes including perception, memory, attention and behavioural control, with some of these processes not being fully developed until early adulthood.
Medicine Oct 21

Incentives intended to stimulate the development of more treatments for rare diseases are being exploited to boost the profits of pharmaceutical companies, new research from the University of Liverpool shows.

Environment Oct 20

Diesel cars under new EURO-6 standards produce more NOx than guidelines allow. New diesel cars on the roads create much more pollution than is allowed by the European Commission 's EURO-6 guidelines for acceptable emissions limits for new vehicles, according to new research.

Medicine Oct 20

Thousands of new immune system signals have been uncovered with potential implications for immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases and vaccine development.

Physics Oct 20

Hydrogen is often described as the fuel of the future, particularly when applied to hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles.