Environment Jul 20
Under warmer conditions, plants can take up more carbon dioxide by using carbon more efficiently for growth, shows a new study. Plants take in - or ‘fix' - carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. Some of the carbon is used for plant growth, and some of it is used in respiration, where the plant breaks down sugars to get energy.
Business Jul 20

Pupils who have immigrated to the UK have a significantly more positive attitude towards school than their peers whose parents were born here, new research has revealed.

Life Sciences Jul 19
Life Sciences

A Eight hundred year old Norwegian skeleton found to have traces of Salmonella. This research Reshapes understanding of the bacterial pathogen Salmonella enterica.

Pedagogy Jul 20

Teenagers who regularly clash with their parents are more likely to have given time to a charity or humanitarian cause, a study has shown.

Earth Sciences Jul 19

Groundwater pumped from the depths of the coastal Bengal Basin supporting more than 80 million people is largely secure from contamination, according to new research by UCL and the British Geological Survey.

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