Medicine Apr 25
A Cardiff-based research project which aims to improve lung function in prematurely-born children is expanding to target more participants. Born Early Breathe Easy (Bebe), is aiming to establish if lung problems which are common in babies born early can be effectively treated.
Astronomy Apr 25

The European Space Agency's Gaia mission has produced the richest star catalogue to date, including high-precision measurements of nearly 1.7 billion stars and revealing previously unseen details of our home Galaxy.

Business Apr 25

PA 75/18 Consumers often fail to see important information about online services - which can lead to unexpected costs, according to new research.

Medicine Apr 25

Hospitals in the UK are increasingly likely to recognise that a patient has dementia after they've been admitted for a different reason, finds a new UCL-led study, but it is still only recognised in under two-thirds of people.

Politics Apr 24

Over the last 50 years climate change has not been the key driver of the human displacement or conflict in East Africa, rather it is politics and poverty, according to new research by UCL.

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