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Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 26.12.2013
Over 100 genetic risk markers for rheumatoid arthritis identified
26 Dec 2013 - Researchers from Arthritis Research UK Centre for Genetics and Genomics at The University of Manchester have helped discover a further 42 genetic markers associated with rheumatoid arthritis in the largest international study to date on the topic.

Medicine/Pharmacology - 23.12.2013
First estimates of country-specific global salt intake identified
Highest intakes are found in regions lying along the old Silk Road - from East Asia, through Central Asia to Eastern Europe and the Middle East - Dr John Powles - The global average salt intake in 2010 was around 10 grams per person per day, corresponding to 4 grams per day of sodium, according to a study published today in the BMJ Open.

Astronomy - 23.12.2013
Starless cloud cores reveal why some stars are bigger than others
For the first time, astronomers have observed a massive starless cloud, providing the answer to a long held question: How do some stars grow to be behemoths when the vast majority are much smaller? - In the new study, published in the Astrophysical Journal , astronomers used the ALMA telescope in Chile, South America, to survey the cores of some of the darkest, coldest, and densest clouds in our Galaxy to search for the telltale signs of star formation.

Life Sciences - Environmental Sciences - 23.12.2013
Scientists highlight the resurrection of extinct animals as both a strong possibility and a major potential conservation issue
Scientists from across the world have "scanned the horizon" in order to identify potentially significant medium and long-term threats to conservation efforts.

Medicine/Pharmacology - Chemistry - 22.12.2013
Malaria drug target raises hopes for new treatments
Malaria drug target raises hopes for new treatments
Scientists have taken an important step towards new malaria treatments by identifying a way to stop malaria parasites from multiplying. In a study published in Nature Chemistry , they show that blocking the activity of an enzyme called NMT in the most common malaria parasite prevents mice from showing symptoms and extends their lifespan.

Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 20.12.2013
Potential new treatment approach for pancreatic cancer
20 Dec 2013 - Scientists from The University of Manchester – part of Manchester Cancer Research Centre believe they have discovered a new way to make chemotherapy treatment more effective for pancreatic cancer patients.

Medicine/Pharmacology - Agronomy/Food Science - 20.12.2013
Greater dietary fibre intake associated with lower risk of heart disease
Researchers at the University of Leeds have shown that greater dietary fibre intake is associated with a lower risk of both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Dr Victoria Burley, from the School of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds and senior author of the study, said: “It has previously been difficult to demonstrate the long-term influence of diet on heart attacks or strokes.

Business/Economics - 20.12.2013
Underage youth exposed to alcohol advertising through social media
Researchers investigating whether children and young adults are exposed to advertising from major alcohol brands on the three most popular social networks - Facebook, YouTube and Twitter - find that some channels and brands don't have, or use, age restrictions.

Microtechnics/Electroengineering - Social Sciences - 19.12.2013
Older men most likely to link video games with aggression
Video and computer games have seen a huge rise in popularity worldwide. The fact that such games provide an immersive virtual experience has led to public concerns, often articulated in the media, about a possible link between gaming and real world aggression.

Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.12.2013
New gene mutation will help better diagnosis of myopathy
A new gene mutation which will help doctors give a more accurate diagnosis of a type of brain and muscle disease in children has been discovered for the first time by University of Leeds experts. Mitochondrial myopathy, as it is known, causes muscle weakness, movement problems and learning difficulties and affects more than 70,000 people in the UK.

Social Sciences - 18.12.2013
Overspent this Christmas? Blame the Ostrich problem!
o Study by psychologists suggests that we're motivated to ignore our goals over the festive period - o People intentionally bury their head in the sand and avoid information that can help them to monitor their progress - o Ignorance is bliss and few people watch their weight, monitor household energy consumption or check bank balances - It's the festive season, time for eating, drinking and being merry, and any thoughts of reaching goals like losing weight or keeping on top of finances go out of the window.

Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.12.2013
Cells from the eye are inkjet printed for the first time
A group of researchers from the UK have used inkjet printing technology to successfully print cells taken from the eye for the very first time.

Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.12.2013
An apple a day keeps the heart doctor away
The 150-year-old proverb 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' stands the test of time, say Oxford University researchers. Writing in the more light-hearted Christmas edition of the BMJ medical journal, the scientists estimated how effective this Victorian health advice would be today in preventing heart disease among people over 50.

Business/Economics - Social Sciences - 18.12.2013
Speaking languages has ‘positive effect’ on children
Speaking languages has 'positive effect' on children
18 Dec 2013 - New research on schoolchildren shows the more languages they speak, the better they can speak them. The School Language Survey, a new method developed at the University of Manchester, was carried out by the University's Multilingual Manchester project, led by Professor Yaron Matras.

Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 17.12.2013
"Nanobiopsy" allows scientists to operate on living cells
Scientists have developed a device that can take a "biopsy" of a living cell, sampling minute volumes of its contents without killing it. Much research on molecular biology is carried out on populations of cells, giving an average result that ignores the fact that every cell is different.

Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 17.12.2013
Novel Genetic mutations discovered that cause neuro-muscular disease in children
Novel Genetic mutations discovered that cause neuro-muscular disease in children
Mutations in a gene causing mixed neurological and muscular disease in children have been found for the first time. Researchers at UCL and the University of Leeds have identified an entirely novel mechanism responsible for a childhood onset neuromuscular diseases with associated brain involvement.

Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 17.12.2013
Research backs risk-reduction surgery for ovarian cancer
17 Dec 2013 - A study by Manchester scientists backs preventative surgery to improve survival for women who are at greater risk of getting ovarian cancer and suggests it appears helpful for women at risk of getting breast cancer because of genetic faults.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 17.12.2013
Scientists win funding to work with industry to develop sustainable chemicals, energy, medicines and food
Scientists win funding to work with industry to develop sustainable chemicals, e
We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue. Durham scientists win funding to work with industry to develop sustainable chemicals, energy, medicines and food - Scientists at Durham University have won access to £45 million in Government funding to work with industry on new advances in biotechnology.

Astronomy - Social Sciences - 17.12.2013
Massive stars mark out Milky Way’s ’missing’ arms
Massive stars mark out Milky Way's 'missing' arms
A 12-year study of massive stars has reaffirmed that our Galaxy has four spiral arms, following years of debate sparked by images taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope that only showed two arms. The new research, which is published online today [17 December] in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, is part of the RMS Survey, which was launched by academics at the University of Leeds.

Life Sciences - 17.12.2013
Study confirms a gene linked to Asperger Syndrome and empathy
Scientists have confirmed that variations in a particular gene play a key role in the autism spectrum condition known as Asperger Syndrome. They have also found that variations in the same gene are also linked to differences in empathy levels in the general population.† - This study confirms that variation in GABRB3 is linked not just to Asperger Syndrome but to individual differences in empathy in the population.

Veterinary Science - 16.12.2013
Common misconceptions by cat owners lead to high numbers of unwanted kittens
Overpopulation in cats is recognised to contribute to high numbers of cats entering rescue shelters each year. New research suggests that the high number of unwanted kittens may be due to common misconceptions held by cat owners.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - 16.12.2013
Shedding new light on leaf formation
A research project studying the biology of plants has shed new light on the mechanisms that control the placement and arrangement of leaves. The new insights revealed by the study could help to inform the way in which we select and grow different varieties of crops in the future.

Medicine/Pharmacology - 16.12.2013
Families urged to get to the heart of their medical histories this Christmas
The full paper can be found here: (external site, html) - Doctors are encouraging people to take advantage of Christmas gatherings with relatives to discuss family medical histories to help tackle ill-health.

Social Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 16.12.2013
One in four women prisoners self-harm every year
As many as one in four women prisoners in England and Wales self-harm every year, with women in prison four times more likely to self-harm than men. The findings come from the largest ever study of self-harm in prisons led by Dr Seena Fazel and Professor Keith Hawton from the University of Oxford.

Microtechnics/Electroengineering - Chemistry - 13.12.2013
A new step towards graphene-based electronics
A new step towards graphene-based electronics
13 Dec 2013 - University of Manchester scientists have helped demonstrate that long, structurally well-defined ribbons of graphene can be made. Writing , researchers used different characterisation techniques, including Raman spectroscopy – led by Dr Cinzia Casiraghi and her group – to confirm that these ribbons, called GNRs, are structurally well-defined and have excellent charge-carrier mobility.

Mathematics - 13.12.2013
Language can affect children’s mathematical development
A unique international study has found that the grammatical structures of language can influence children's early understanding of numbers. The joint research between the University of California at San Diego, UCL, King Saud University, University of Nova Gorica and Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked at the importance of language in the development of young children's understanding of numbers in Saudi Arabia, Slovenia and United States.

Physics/Materials Science - 13.12.2013
Graphene research lands one of 2013 top 10 physics breakthroughs
Graphene research lands one of 2013 top 10 physics breakthroughs
13 Dec 2013 - Research by a University of Manchester scientist has been included in the top 10 breakthroughs in physics in 2013, as judged by Physics World magazine. Dr Roman Gorbachev was highly commended for research he and his team carried out the first measurement of Hofstadter's butterfly in a solid-state system.

Chemistry - Physics/Materials Science - 13.12.2013
Noble gas molecule discovered in space
A molecule containing a noble gas has been discovered in space by a team including astronomers from Cardiff University. The find was made using a Cardiff-led instrument aboard Europe's Herschel Space Observatory.

Physics/Materials Science - Chemistry - 13.12.2013
First noble gas molecules in space
First noble gas molecules in space
Noble gas molecules have been detected in space for the first time in the Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant, by astronomers at UCL. Watch a video explaining the findings - Led by Professor Mike Barlow (UCL Physics & Astronomy) the team used ESA's Herschel Space Observatory to observe the Crab Nebula in far infrared light.

Environmental Sciences - 12.12.2013
Lack of monitoring impairs bat conservation research
Lack of monitoring impairs bat conservation research
Millions of pounds are being spent to protect bats from disturbance by building development and renovations, however a lack of follow-up monitoring makes it difficult to tell whether conservation efforts are effective.

Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 12.12.2013
New gene discovery sheds more light on Alzheimer's risk
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 12.12.2013
Salmonella’s ’turn-ons’ revealed
Administration/Government - Social Sciences - 12.12.2013
’Invisible’ homeless women are not accessing the services they need
Social Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 11.12.2013
Improving life with dementia
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 11.12.2013
Researchers uncover mechanism controlling Tourette Syndrome tics
Medicine/Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 11.12.2013
Making ‘dementia friendly’ neighbourhoods
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 10.12.2013
New test for chronic blood cancers
Medicine/Pharmacology - Administration/Government - 10.12.2013
Healthy habits reduce dementia risk
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 10.12.2013
Imperial responds to animal research investigation report
Social Sciences - History/Archeology - 5.12.2013
New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 4.12.2013
Crop-infecting virus forces aphids to spread disease
Microtechnics/Electroengineering - Physics/Materials Science - 4.12.2013
Diamond could hold more charge
Medicine/Pharmacology - Veterinary Science - 3.12.2013
New internet resources are the best bet for vets
Medicine/Pharmacology - 3.12.2013
Compounds in cannabis could limit stroke damage
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 2.12.2013
New evidence that 'gout' strongly runs in the family
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 2.12.2013
Natural killer cells may be key players in asthma
History/Archeology - Literature/Linguistics - 29.11.2013
Archaeologists find more bodies at Durham University site
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 28.11.2013
Malaria vaccine offers new mode of protection against disease
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 28.11.2013
Windswept midges brought Schmallenberg to UK
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 27.11.2013
A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 26.11.2013
Gene mutation can cause excessive alcohol drinking
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 26.11.2013
British scientists to trial potential HIV cure
Medicine/Pharmacology - Psychology - 22.11.2013
Steroid injections for premature babies linked to mental health risk
Physics/Materials Science - Chemistry - 22.11.2013
Nobel laureate marks Bragg centenary
Life Sciences - Computer Science/Telecom - 22.11.2013
Computer scientists study how animals initiate locomotion
Medicine/Pharmacology - 21.11.2013
Details of how flu evolves to escape immunity
Life Sciences - 21.11.2013
Company you keep shapes what you learn
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 21.11.2013
Research leads to greater understanding of DNA repair processes
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 20.11.2013
Long-term unemployment may accelerate ageing in men
Medicine/Pharmacology - Psychology - 20.11.2013
New partnership to focus on breakthroughs for mental health disorders
Mechanical Engineering/Mechanics - Microtechnics/Electroengineering - 20.11.2013
New modelling technique could bypass the need for engineering prototypes
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 19.11.2013
Neanderthal viruses found in modern humans
Medicine/Pharmacology - Education/Continuing Education - 19.11.2013
Testing the test - new study sheds light on medical school admissions
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 18.11.2013
Neanderthal viruses found in modern humans
Medicine/Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 18.11.2013
EPICure@19 checks health of premature babies born 19 years ago
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 18.11.2013
Manipulation of protein could help stop spread of cancer cells
Arts and Design - Life Sciences - 18.11.2013
Brain study suggests classical musicians should improvise
Physics/Materials Science - Chemistry - 18.11.2013
Two for one in solar power
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 15.11.2013
Nanoparticles to probe mystery sperm defects behind infertility
Medicine/Pharmacology - Administration/Government - 15.11.2013
New help to make sense of drug side-effects
Medicine/Pharmacology - 15.11.2013
Formby’s red squirrel population recovering
Medicine/Pharmacology - 15.11.2013
Re-thinking cancer treatment
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 14.11.2013
Building ’nanomachines’ in biological outer space
Social Sciences - 13.11.2013
Joy of the crowd
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 11.11.2013
Changing the conversation -- polymers disrupt bacterial communication
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 6.11.2013
Scientists named as highly influential biomedical researchers
Arts and Design - Physics/Materials Science - 6.11.2013
Solar panels perform better when listening to music
Mechanical Engineering/Mechanics - Physics/Materials Science - 6.11.2013
Nanoscale ’tsunami’ helps locusts tune in
Environmental Sciences - Mathematics - 6.11.2013
Creatures of influence
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 5.11.2013
How UTIs in women may damage kidneys
Social Sciences - Pedagogy/Education Science - 4.11.2013
Teenagers attacking parents: new study maps 'hidden problem'
Medicine/Pharmacology - Pedagogy/Education Science - 4.11.2013
Study suggests clinicians' decision making could be affected by 'precious baby' phenomenon
Mathematics - Computer Science/Telecom - 4.11.2013
Researchers work to secure next generation chip-card payment technology
Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering/Mechanics - 1.11.2013
Plants use latex to harm and heal
History/Archeology - Physics/Materials Science - 1.11.2013
New light shed on history of ancient glass
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 1.11.2013
New hope for dialysis patients as "Immune-fingerprints" discovered
Medicine/Pharmacology - Agronomy/Food Science - 1.11.2013
20% sugary drink tax could reduce obesity numbers by 180,000
Administration/Government - Social Sciences - 1.11.2013
Racism link with gun ownership and opposition to gun control in white Americans
Astronomy - Physics/Materials Science - 1.11.2013
Former missile-tracking telescope helps reveal fate of baby pulsar
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 31.10.2013
Patient in ’vegetative state’ not just aware, but paying attention
Social Sciences - Administration/Government - 31.10.2013
Language difficulties can last a lifetime
Environmental Sciences - Earth Sciences - 31.10.2013
Pinpointing the timing of sudden climate change
Social Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 31.10.2013
How internet affects young people at risk of self-harm or suicide
Earth Sciences - Life Sciences - 30.10.2013
Scientists digitally reconstruct giant steps taken by dinosaurs
Astronomy - Physics/Materials Science - 30.10.2013
New dark matter detector sends first data from gold mine 1.5km underground
Environmental Sciences - 30.10.2013
Wytham Woods 'shields local plants'
Medicine/Pharmacology - Chemistry - 30.10.2013
Scientists modify BOTOX for the treatment of pain
Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering/Mechanics - 30.10.2013
Plants use latex to harm and heal
Physics/Materials Science - 30.10.2013
Manchester leads the Physics charm offensive
Medicine/Pharmacology - Psychology - 30.10.2013
Improving access to mental health services
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 30.10.2013
RNA build-up linked to dementia and motor neuron disease
Life Sciences - Chemistry - 28.10.2013
Proteins in their natural habitat
Physics/Materials Science - Chemistry - 28.10.2013
New material for quantum computing discovered out of the blue
Environmental Sciences - Earth Sciences - 28.10.2013
Reading ancient climate from plankton shells
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 27.10.2013
New Alzheimer’s risk genes discovered in record study
Agronomy/Food Science - Life Sciences - 25.10.2013
Novel genetic mutations cause low metabolic rate and obesity
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 25.10.2013
HAEMCODE: an online web tool contributes to research into blood cells
Medicine/Pharmacology - 24.10.2013
GPs prescribe antibiotics patients don’t want
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 22.10.2013
Scientists step towards improved diagnostic test for TB
Life Sciences - History/Archeology - 22.10.2013
Plant scientists have been studying wrong plant
Physics/Materials Science - Arts and Design - 22.10.2013
Atomic movies reveal 'ultimate spring'
Social Sciences - Psychology - 22.10.2013
Transforming lives of children and young people in care
Literature/Linguistics - 22.10.2013
Diversity is good for your English
Environmental Sciences - Astronomy - 21.10.2013
Atmosphere of Mars turned to stone
Medicine/Pharmacology - Administration/Government - 21.10.2013
The role of uncertainty in infectious disease modelling
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 18.10.2013
Genetic disease which causes recurrent respiratory infections
Chemistry - Life Sciences - 17.10.2013
Enzyme catalysis unmasked in new research
History/Archeology - Earth Sciences - 17.10.2013
Archaeologists rediscover the lost home of the last Neanderthals
Life Sciences - Medicine/Pharmacology - 16.10.2013
One in 2,000 of UK population carries variant CJD proteins†
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 16.10.2013
Light triggers cancer death switch
Medicine/Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 16.10.2013
Rodents provide clues as to causes of human illness in African slums
Life Sciences - Administration/Government - 15.10.2013
Tuning into the melody of speech
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