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Medicine/Pharmacology - 22.05
Assistant Professor University of Nottingham
Media Sciences - 21.05
Assistant Professor in Politics & IR University of Nottingham
History/Archeology - 20.05
Chair in British and American Art post 1800 - 51487 University of Birmingham
Pedagogy/Education Science - 19.05
Lecturer or Associate Professor in Education or Childhood Studies University of Leeds
Earth Sciences - 19.05
Professor or Reader of Atmospheric Informatics Cranfield University
Pedagogy/Education Science - 19.05
Professor / Reader of Soil Science Cranfield University
Literature/Linguistics - 18.05
Assistant Professor in Modern and Contemporary Poetry University of Nottingham
Literature/Linguistics - 18.05
Assistant Professor in Historical Linguistics University of Nottingham
Philosophy - 18.05
Chair in the Philosophy of Mind University of Durham
Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.05
Chair in Pharmaceutics University of Durham
Philosophy - 18.05
Chair in Metaphysics University of Durham
Mechanical Engineering - 18.05
Professor of Oil & Gas Engineering Cranfield University
Pedagogy/Education Science - 18.05
Chair in Human Resource Management (HRM). 38029 University of Birmingham
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