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Medicine/Pharmacology - 30.06
Chair in Health Statistics University of York
Mechanical Engineering - 30.06
Professor in Mechanical Engineering University of Bath
Philosophy - 30.06
Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics University of Oxford
Business/Economics - 26.06
Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance University of Southampton
Social Sciences - 26.06
Professor of Education and Head of ESRI Manchester Metropolitan University
Mechanical Engineering - 26.06
Professor of Manufacturing, Mechanical Systems and Engineering Design University of Lancaster
Earth Sciences - 24.06
Professor / Associate Professor of Human Geography University of Southampton
Architecture - 24.06
Professor of Architecture University of Manchester
Business/Economics - 23.06
Associate Professor in Marketing University of Southampton
Study of Religions - 23.06
Man Professor of Quantitative Finance University of Oxford
Mechanical Engineering - 22.06
Professor [Chair] of Civil Engineering Design University College London
Medicine/Pharmacology - 22.06
Professor of Health and Social Care Research (PSSRU) University of Manchester
Pedagogy/Education Science - 22.06
Associate Professor / Chair in Biogeochemistry University of Leeds
Media Sciences - 19.06
Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations University of York

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