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Physics/Materials Science - 27.02
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Building Physics University of Leeds
Media Sciences - 26.02
Lecturer or Associate Professor in Journalism Studies University of Leeds
Microtechnics - 26.02
Chair in Robotics and Autonomous Systems University of Leeds
Administration/Government - 25.02
Professor University of Glasgow
Business/Economics - 25.02
Chair in Strategic Management and International Business (2 posts). 50474 University of Birmingham
Medicine/Pharmacology - 24.02
Associate Professor University of Southampton
Life Sciences - 24.02
Professor in Parasitology University of Glasgow
Administration/Government - 24.02
Computer Officer and Laboratory Manager University of Cambridge
Business/Economics - 23.02
Professor of Economics University of Sussex
Business/Economics - 23.02
Professor of Information Systems or Operations Management Royal Holloway University of London
Life Sciences - 23.02
Professor of Biochemistry University of Nottingham
Business/Economics - 23.02
Associate Professor / Lecturer in Economics University of Leeds
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