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Medicine/Pharmacology - 30.04
Assistant Professor in Sport and Exercise Medicine (Teaching Focus) University of Nottingham
Life Sciences - 28.04
Professor of Translational Vascular Biology Manchester Metropolitan University
Business/Economics - 28.04
Chair in Human Resources Management University of Leeds
Law/Forensics - 27.04
Professor of Future Crimes University College London
Business/Economics - 27.04
Assistant Professor in Education Leadership and Management (3 Posts) University of Nottingham
Philosophy - 25.04
Professor of Philosophy University of Manchester
Medicine/Pharmacology - 25.04
Chair in Genetic Epidemiology University of Leicester
Mathematics - 25.04
Sadleirian Professorship of Pure Mathematics University of Cambridge
Medicine/Pharmacology - 25.04
Associate Professorship of Trauma Surgery (two posts) University of Oxford
Medicine/Pharmacology - 22.04
Professor of Medical Statistics University College London
Business/Economics - 20.04
Chair in Internal Combustion Engines University of Nottingham
Medicine/Pharmacology - 20.04
Chair in Health / Exercise Psychology - 55229 University of Birmingham
Law/Forensics - 19.04
Professor of Global City Policing University College London
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