PhysicsDec 19 - Researchers from UCL, University of Southampton and Cambridge University together with ESA and NASA have uncovered the origin of a colourful display in the night sky called 'theta aurora', explaining for the first time how auroras at high-latitudes form.
Life Sciences Dec 19
Life Sciences

A new study shows how two strains of the intestinal bug E. coli manage to hijack host proteins used to control the body's immune system.

Medicine Dec 19

Cancer patients are advised to avoid regular consumption of peanuts - Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that a component of peanuts could encourage the spread and survival of cancer cells in the body.

Medicine Dec 19

Herbal medicine can be a double-edged sword and should be more rigorously investigated for both its beneficial and harmful effects, say researchers writing in a special supplement of Science.

Life Sciences Dec 18

New study describes a fundamental mechanism regulating a protein's shape and function, with potential applications in biotechnology and drug development.

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