Life SciencesApr 24 - The influence of genetic factors on differences between children's Body Mass Index (BMI) increases from 43% at age 4 to 82% at age 10, reports a new study by researchers at UCL and King's College London.
Medicine Apr 24

24 Apr 2014 - Researchers in Manchester are embarking on 'a completely fresh approach' to new research that could one day lead to more effective treatment for the common joint disease, osteoarthritis.

Medicine Apr 24

The team found the treatment for the deadly brain infection had the same effect after three days, as after the recommended two weeks - Initial treatment for a brain infection caused by fungus could now be treated in three days, rather than two weeks, due to study by University of Liverpool scientists.

Medicine Apr 24

Press release issued: 24 April 2014 - Researchers at the University of Bristol are hoping to develop new blood tests that would help to diagnose and monitor the common joint condition, osteoarthritis.

Life Sciences Apr 23
Life Sciences

A new computer program could help doctors predict which patients might suffer potentially fatal side-effects from a key stroke treatment.

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