Life Sciences Jun 30
Life SciencesResearch reveals new insights into a key antibiotic target in the fight against TB - Scientists at the University of Sussex have unraveled a key process in the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB), potentially paving the way for new antibiotics to fight the disease.
Medicine Jun 30

Scientists have discovered a new inherited form of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans. A large number of genes are involved in regulating body weight, and there are now over 30 genes known in which people with harmful changes in DNA sequence become extremely overweight.

Life Sciences Jun 26

High levels of DNA damage in nerve cells can lead to dementia, researchers from the University of Sheffield have found.

Medicine Jun 29

An 'exhausted' army of immune cells may not be able to fight off infection, but if its soldiers fight too hard they risk damaging the very body they are meant to be protecting, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge.

Mathematics Jun 26

Simple statistical software designed for electron microscope images can be used to improve pictures of everything from cells to the surface of Mars.

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