Medicine Mar 30
Image: The British Library Board (Royal 12 D xvii) - A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which originates from a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham.
Life Sciences Mar 30
Life Sciences

A novel way of detecting particular proteins that are implicated in a range of diseases could lead to new drug targets.

Medicine Mar 27

Scientists have revealed a brand new function for one of the first cancer genes ever discovered - the retinoblastoma gene - in a finding that could open up exciting new approaches to treatment.

Environmental Sciences Mar 27
Environmental Sciences

Scientists report that they may have found the best way for trapping carbon dioxide permanently in rocks deep underground.

Study of Religions Mar 27

A study has revealed that non-believers assume that people who go to church or other places of worship are 'close minded', and they would find this personality trait more off-putting in a partner than their religious views. - In two studies researchers created a number of dating profiles for both religious and non-religious individuals and asked volunteers from a range of religious and non-religious backgrounds to rate them for attractiveness.

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