Medicine Feb 27
A new laboratory tool which will allow scientists to build and move microscopic cells could lead to the development of better treatments for disease. In a new study, published in Scientific Reports and led by researchers at The University of Nottingham , scientists have discovered how microscopic cells can be manipulated and studied more closely in 3D using a high intensity infrared light.
Medicine Feb 27

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have developed an app that can measure the activity patterns of patients with depression and provide the necessary support.

Life Sciences Feb 27

New evidence shows wheat reached Britain 2,000 years before the arrival of wheat farming - Mesolithic Britons interacted with Neolithic Europeans - Shows Britain not be insular or isolated - early communities had social and trade networks linking them across Euro

Medicine Feb 27

Researchers at the University of Birmingham believe that a simple urine test could help to guide clinicians in the treatment of bladder cancer patients.

Medicine Feb 27

Manchester scientists have a developed a new method to monitor the effect of anti-cancer drugs on very rare leukaemia stem cells.

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