Computer Science Aug 5
Computer ScienceThe price fluctuation of fine wines can now be predicted more accurately using a novel artificial intelligence approach developed by researchers at UCL. The method could be used to help fine wine investors make more informed decisions about their portfolios and encourage non-wine investors to start looking at wine in this manner and hence increase the net trade of wine.
Medicine Aug 5

People ignore daily alcohol guidelines as they are deemed irrelevant to occasional drinkers - Findings show drinkers prefer Canadian and Australian guidelines - Research may be used to inform new policies in the future - The Government's current alcohol guidelines are unreali

Life Sciences Aug 5

Intensive fishing prompts much concern and debate over sustainability of fish stocks, but could it also be driving evolutionary changes that render fish of the future less catchable? - There are many examples of an evolutionary ‘arms race' between predator and prey, where adaptations that help hunted animals avoid capture prompt changes in hunters that help them become more deadly.

Medicine Aug 5

The University of Manchester has signed a collaboration agreement with Abcodia to perform proteomics studies on a cohort of non-small cell lung cancer cases from the UKCTOCS biobank, with the aim of discovering new blood-based biomarkers for earlier detection of the disease.

Arts and Design Aug 5
Arts and Design

An analysis of video footage shows that some operating theatre teams are negatively affected by background music, during surgery.

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