Jul 25 - PA 207/14 - New research by experts at The University of Nottingham could offer new clues for the treatment of a rare genetic disease. TRAPS (TNF Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome) was first identified in Nottingham more than 30 years ago and causes periodic, spontaneous flares of fever, rashes, muscle pains and other symptoms without any other apparent cause.
Medicine Jul 25

25 Jul 2014 - Clinical judgement, combined with an electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood test on arrival, is effective in reducing unnecessary hospital admissions for chest pain, a new study shows.

Medicine Jul 25

25 Jul 2014 - Skin Cancer cells work together to spread further and faster, according to a new study published in Cell Reports.

Medicine Jul 25

Influenza researchers have collaborated with an illustrator to make a short animated film titled 'How to Catch Flu'.

Life Sciences Jul 25

Press release issued: 25 July 2014 - Acoustic disturbance has different effects on different species of fish, according to a new study from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter which tested fish anti-predator behaviour.

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