Physics May 22
PhysicsAntineutrinos have been observed changing their identities in the same way as their normal neutrino counterparts by the T2K experiment. The latest results from the T2K experiment in Japan were announced this week by a team of researchers including physicists from Imperial College London.
Medicine May 22

The role of a specific protein in the development of prostate cancer is being investigated by scientists at the University of Glasgow.

Life Sciences May 21
Life Sciences

425-million-year-old parasites, related to modern lung-dwelling parasites, have been found attached to the outside of an ancient sea creature.

Medicine May 21

Oxford University researchers have found a promising future treatment for heart disease, going back to a drug first developed in 1950.

Medicine May 21

Normal skin contains an unexpectedly high number of cancer-associated mutations, according to a study published in Science .

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