Aug 20 - Research by the University of Liverpool suggests that, contrary to popular opinion, it can be good to feel bad at work, whilst feeling good in the workplace can also lead to negative outcomes. In a Special Issue published in Human Relations , Dr Dirk Lindebaum from the University's Management School , together with his co-author Professor Peter Jordan, developed a new line of study, and commissioned research to further explore the role of emotions in the workplace.
Medicine Aug 20

20 Aug 2014 - Cancer Research UK-funded scientists in Manchester have discovered that acral melanomas – the rare type of skin cancer that caused reggae musician Bob Marley's death – are genetically distinct from other more common types of skin cancer, according to a study published in the journal Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research.

Environmental Sciences Aug 20
Environmental Sciences

Ecosystems with a wide range of species cope better with changes in temperature, according to new research.

Medicine Aug 20

20 Aug 2014 - Work by scientists at the Universities of Manchester and Auckland suggest that both major forms of diabetes, type-1 and type-2, are the result of the same mechanism.

Medicine Aug 19

A new study of over 10,000 mothers has shown that women who breastfed their babies were at significantly lower risk of postnatal depression than those who did not.

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